Leapfrog®, our 3D implicit modelling software was first introduced to the market  in 2003. Its fast, dynamic and intuitive capabilities sparked a paradigm shift and continues to set the standard in 3D geological modelling.

Leapfrog's advanced implicit modelling engine (FastRBF™) creates surfaces directly from data, and removes the need for tedious and time consuming manual digitisation. The incredible processing power of the Leapfrog engine can deal with well over one million data points and accelerates the modelling process whilst making use of the latest information.

Agile and responsive, Leapfrog is continuously evolving to meet the needs of users with multiple new releases each year.

We focus not only on the modelling process, but how these models can be shared and updated to improve companywide decision making and reduce the risk associated with geological modelling.


ARANZ Geo is the developer of 3D geological modelling software Leapfrog. We take a holistic approach to problem solving, stepping outside the box and looking at things differently. Our technical and design excellence is underpinned by our dogged pursuit of simplicity beyond complexity. We will continue to excite with innovate solutions for Geologists and their organizations.

ARANZ Geo Limited is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand. We have a global sales and support presence with ARANZ Geo offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, South Africa and the UK.