Leapfrog Mining 2.5 coming soon

Jun 26

A new version of Leapfrog Mining is on the horizon

The Leapfrog offices are a hive of activity preparing for the upcoming release of Leapfrog Mining 2.5.

Coming Soon

Here’s a sneak peak behind the development doors of what’s in Leapfrog Mining 2.5…

There's the introduction of a number of tools for the production of numeric models with enhanced workflows including:

  • A new tool for changing the grid points to adjust to a scene
  • New file formats
  • New domain evaluations and file formats for grids

A key focus of the release is increasing the interaction with geostatistical packages as it will speed up workflows and avoid issues with different conventions in geological vs geostatistical packages.

Other exciting stuff to look forward to in Leapfrog Mining 2.5 includes:

  • Visualisation capabilities
  • Support for down-hole measurements
  • Drift adjustment for drillhole planning
  • and plenty more improvements

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