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Sep 2, 2012

Leapfrog & FEFLOW commit to complete groundwater modelling solution

We're excited to announce an agreement with DHI-WASY GmbH, developer of fluid flow modelling software FEFLOW, to develop and market a complete groundwater modelling solution. Users of the two software packages can expect to benefit from significant integration in the future.

FEFLOW-Leapfrog Hydro model

Drive towards seamless integration

The cooperation extends the current linkages between Leapfrog Hydro and FELFOW. The invaluable knowledge gained from current user experiences will be used to drive towards seamless integration of the two products. This technology will be available and supported world-wide through DHI-WASY offices.

Open quote This agreement brings together two premium products to provide a complete solution in groundwater space. FEFLOW is the leading solution to modelling fluid flow and Leapfrog is at the forefront of geological modelling. The result promises real benefits for users requiring quality ground water modelling solutions. Close quote

Shaun Maloney, CEO at ARANZ Geo Ltd

Open quote The seamlessly integrated software solution provided with this alliance covers the entire groundwater modelling workflow. The previously existing gap between geological modelling packages and hydraulic modelling software has been bridged, enabling users to provide better and more reliable modelling results to their clients in less time.Close quote

Peter Schätzl, FEFLOW Business Area Manager at DHI Group

What this means for users

Users will be able to access state of the art flow modelling through FEFLOW in an advanced geological framework provided by Leapfrog. Current users of the products are invited to get involved in the development process and share ideas and requirements.

What's available now

The two software packages already interface to a degree.  Currently users of the two packages can:

  • Import FEFLOW grids directly.
  • Easily create 3D meshes from 2D FEFLOW super mesh files.
  • Quickly and easily extrude FEFLOW 2D super mesh files to 3D finite mesh systems using geological layers as guides.
  • Set up the hydro geological properties of grid cells within FEFLOW models based upon the lithologies in the geological model. Providing a faster and easier way to parameterise cell properties and enhance model visualisation.


The resulting solution will have many hydrogeological and low temperature geothermal applications. Leapfrog's ability to model complicated geologies allied with FEFLOW's prowess in flow modelling will also provide significant benefits for users focusing on mine dewatering and remediation.