Benefits & Technology

Why take the leap?

In our time poor world, geologists need to make more informed decisions, faster. We call it 10 to 100 times faster than the next best thing. Models that can take weeks or months to develop manually can be ready in days or hours allowing geologists more time to think geology.

The clean, purpose built interface makes interpreting in 3D easier and enables effortless communication. Leapfrog’s flexible and dynamic nature allows geologists to quickly and easily update models as new data becomes available and interpretation evolves.

The benefits of using Leapfrog geological modelling software include:


  • The advanced implicit modelling  approach accelerates processing, viewing and interpretation of drill hole data.
  • We call it 10 to 100 times faster than anything else.  10 times faster than competing products and 100 times faster than traditional manual digitisation.  Models that can take weeks or months to develop manually can be ready in days or hours.


  • With Leapfrog you can build, maintain and compare dynamic 3D models, removing the time constraints traditionally associated with maintaining more than one model.
  • You can easily develop multiple models in parallel and test alternative geological interpretations for improved decision making. 
  • Models are automatically updated when new data is added and are in step with the project as it moves forward.
  • Models are built by a process of refinement as modified data and user interpretations are all incorporated.  Yet measured data, interpretations and the model are clearly separated to give you confidence in your results and facilitate quality assurance.

Minimise risk & improve decision-making

  • Leapfrog is a revolutionary step in the Geologists tool kit, freeing you to spend more time interpreting, comparing and strategising.
  • Making sure you have more confidence in your decisions and reduce risk.
  • Empowering you with better information for borehole planning, field management and future development strategies.

Flexible & user friendly

  • Leapfrog's clean interface and well designed work space allows you to concentrate on producing results.  
  • Access and use large amounts of data and combine more disparate data types.
  • Change the wire frame resolution.
  • Compare numeric and geological models.
  • Import and Export a wide variety of data formats.
  • Easily spot and fix data errors.
  • Use your models as sophisticated presentation tools.  


Since it was first introduced in 2004 Leapfrog has far exceeded expectations and consistently impressed customers, enabling huge leaps in productivity and performance.  


Leapfrog excels as a compelling presentation and communication tool. The 3D graphics enable presentation of results in a powerful way.

  • Create model images for inclusion in reports and posters.  
  • Create presentations and Leapfrog 3D dynamic movies using the scene file storyboard.  
  • Freely and easily distribute Leapfrog viewer files for quick and easy communication, using the free Leapfrog viewer.  
  • Slice through models at any orientation and show others what lies beneath.