Leapfrog Geo

Dr. Harris, Structural Geology

...all I can say is "Wow, I am impressed". In this short time I have accomplished more on two separate projects, than I have previously been able to over several months. Specifically, the logic used behind the software is so much more in line with a geologist's workflow and thought processes, as opposed to other systems that have borrowed heavily from CAD systems, and hence are easier for a CAD operator to use than for a geologist. It is clearly based on a "geology rules" philosophy, which I totally endorse."

Dr. Robin Harris Consulting Structural Geologist

Neville Panizza, First Quantum Minerals (Australia) Pty Ltd

Leapfrog Geo has allowed our exploration group to incorporate 3D geological modelling into our daily exploration activities, by allowing our geologists to make real time decisions through the interoperability and interrogation of disparate datasets. The ioGAS link is a classic example of this, bringing geochemistry into the same 3D space as our geology.

Our mission is to create a culture of targeting and decision making within a single 3D environment referencing all data types, through a software which is affordable and easy to learn, while still retaining its geological integrity. Leapfrog is definitely helping us to achieve this."

Neville Panizza Data Systems Manager, Exploration

Ashley Brown, KAZ Minerals

Leapfrog Geo is proving to be a very useful exploration tool that is gaining increasing acceptance within management. It dispenses with paper plans and is a superior visualisation tool which integrates input data with wireframes output by stochastic modelling. This output is superior to wireframes produced by classic manual wireframing methodologies. The improvement is significant enough to make a material difference and bring new life to old models. Where there is sufficient data support these surfaces make geological sense in the hands of a skilled user."

Ashley Brown Head, Resource Definition

John Donaldson, Gold Road Resources

It is so refreshing to receive prompt feedback and support and to see suggestions actually incorporated in the software. It is more like being part of the Leapfrog Team than just being a user."

John Donaldson Resource Geologist

Matjiua Kauapirura, Kunene Resources Namibia (Pty) Ltd

I've had a mind blowing experience with Leapfrog. It is so powerful and presents the data in such a beautiful manner."

Matjiua Kauapirura GIS and Data Administrator

Girma Alemu, MMG

As an exploration geologist, I have used most of the recent 2D and 3D geological programs and I must say that Leapfrog is the best (for the job I am working on). It is very user-friendly where anybody with minor computer knowledge can use it."

Girma Alemu Senior Geologist

Dr. Victor Maglambayan, Philex Mining Corporation

I had known Leapfrog since 2009 as a fast, first-pass software for visualizing resource models, but not much more. Now, our resource geologists in Philex are starting to vouch for the robustness of models done using Leapfrog compared to their wireframed and geostatistics-based models using a competing product."

Dr. Victor Maglambayan Exploration Manager

Dr. Ian Basson, Tect Geological Consulting

The most intuitive 3D modelling package on the market."

Dr. Ian Basson Consulting Structural Geologist

Jurgen Fitschen, Tect Geological Consulting

Lives up to the slogan 'fast, dynamic geological modelling' while still remaining a powerful software package. Two thumbs up!"

Jurgen Fitschen Consultant

Thomas Galfetti, Holcim Technology

There's no doubt that Leapfrog is above its competitors in the way that geodata can be processed and displayed to get stakeholders, with no special scientific background, on the same table."

Thomas Galfetti Corporate Senior Geologist

David Tennant, Tect Geological Consulting

Leapfrog is a fantastic tool that can be used by all geologists, not just specialists."

David Tennant Consultant

Dr Philip Newton, AngloGold, Australia

I used Leapfrog software during a property appraisal of an advanced exploration project in the Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia. Without access to a resource block model, I used Leapfrog to create 3D isosurfaces of point data without going through the laborious exercise of generating a new block model. Leapfrog proved to be an effective tool and allowed the user to quickly visualise the 3D geometry of the orebody and generate new exploration targets. The output was easily imported into a standard mining software package and was effectively presented to upper management."

Dr Philip Newton Senior Geologist

Douglas Bright, Oroya Mining

Manual wireframing of the multiple [gold] lode mineralised zone at Saratoga took over a month for our geological staff to model lode envelopes at a single grade cut-off, including geological validation. Leapfrog's 3D mesh processing took just over one hour, with geological validation taking a further two days, thereby dramatically fast-tracking the modeling process. We were then able to consider, not just one, but several contrasting geological scenarios for the purposes of estimating Saratoga's resource."

Douglas Bright Operations Director

Laercio Bertossi, Previsously with Votorantim

Despite being required to learn a new geological modelling tool, it only took four months to complete work on a lateritic nickel deposit. Using traditional methodology it would have taken at least five months to complete the same model. It traditionally took three months to update the model with approximately 15,000 metres of new drillings. Using Leapfrog, updating the model took only three weeks."

Laercio Bertossi Resource Geologist

Joseph Adusei, Gold Fields, Tarkwa Mine Goldfields

Leapfrog has really taken the whole geological software industry to a new level. I am so impressed with how fast it is."

Joseph Adusei Database Manager

Martin Bennett, Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines

We used Leapfrog-generated grade wireframes to visualise the broad spatial distribution of gold in the mineralised belt between Fimiston and Mt. Charlotte. The study incorporated all available drill data and allowed visualisation of the gold distribution at a scale that would have been difficult using any other software package. The grade meshes were imported into Vulcan software and were analysed with other 3D datasets such as geology and structure. This process highlighted key relationships and consequently assisted with the generation of new near-mine exploration targets. The main benefit of this targeting exercise using Leapfrog was the speed with which the wireframes could be generated using a variety of parameters."

Martin Bennett Senior Geologist

Anthony Reed, MMG

At MMG, working with an implicit modelling package [Leapfrog] that combines an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface, a rapid modelling engine, partnerships with other leading software and intuitive modelling methods has not only increased efficiency, but has caused a real expansion of skillsets for our field geologists, with structural geology, geochemistry, geophysics, and mineralisation characteristics becoming increasingly more accessible."

Anthony Reed 3D Structural Geologist/Information Geologist

Nat Cull, Consolidated Minerals (Consmin)

Last year I just had too much work on my plate and I had to farm out a deposit to have it wireframed. That exceeded the cost of Leapfrog and I could have done it with Leapfrog in one day. If you do a wireframe package, that is one scenario and it can take weeks. If someone walks in and says let's do another scenario for whatever reason - costs changing, the manganese price going through the roof - it throws a big spanner in the works and you have to start again. That's where Leapfrog's scenario effectiveness comes in."

Nat Cull Chief Mine Geologist

Kathryn Cutler, Blackham Resources

Leapfrog would be one of my ‘go to’ 3D modelling programs for exploration project evaluation, its visual representation of the data is unparalleled."

Kathryn Cutler Senior Exploration Geologist

Leapfrog EDGE

Peter Gleeson, SRK Consulting

The real benefit of Leapfrog Edge is its ease of use. It has all of the industry standard features that need to be there but in an environment that’s very user friendly. The software dramatically reduces the learning curve of doing resource estimation."

Peter Gleeson Corporate Consultant

Christopher Kyngdon, Rio Tinto, Western Australia

One thing that stands out is how well Leapfrog Edge is in harmony with the modelling process. Jumping between software to complete each estimation stage can be clumsy. Leapfrog Edge is a fresh approach to resource estimation, seamlessly incorporated into Leapfrog GEO’s already streamlined workflow."

Christopher Kyngdon Specialist Geologist Resource Estimation - Orebody Knowledge and Planning

Nicolas Pirotte, Lhoist Group

Our previous workflow for updating the resource model was too slow and difficult. This meant we had little motivation to gather new data as we couldn’t make good use of it. By using Leapfrog Geo and Leapfrog Edge, we can work faster, more efficiently and we can create more estimations as we are able to assign more elements to the blocks. This new approach has motivated us to go into the field or to the cores, make more refined geological observations and load this new information into the software. Leapfrog Edge is a full solution for resource estimation, integrated within the Leapfrog Geo workflow. Implicit modelling with dynamic updating has become a must in geological resource model creation and this new set of Leapfrog tools simply extends this workflow further."

Nicolas Pirotte Geologist

Bosta Pratama, Cube Consulting

Leapfrog Edge has a couple of tools, the soft boundary assignment tool and the dynamic 3D variogram that no other software offers and they’re quite impressive. They are interactive and allow me to experiment and visualise the results."

Bosta Pratama Principal Resrouce Geologist

Federico Mera, Lundingold, Ecuador

Leapfrog Edge is what a modeller geologist always wanted. It simplifies steps and removes the annoying processes that deviate from the main goal of understanding the geology. I’ve used other software to model resources but I never feel entirely comfortable because I’m concerned about importing, exporting, re-importing and changing file formats etc."

Federico Mera Resource Geologist

Graham Greenway, Lundin Mining UK

One of the most frustrating steps in the resource estimation process is having to run and re-do multiple steps if new data is added. When you add new data to Leapfrog Edge the process automatically reworks itself."

Graham Greenway Group Resource Geologist

Leapfrog Works

Brian Smith, Trihydro Corporation

The best support I have ever had from a software company. I jumped Ship from MVS after using their software for 7 years and we all find Leapfrog much easier to use and love the user interface."

Brian Smith Hydrogeologist

Matt Skinner, Waterline Resources Inc

Basically, I love using Leapfrog. I am a geologist who got into GIS, database work, and am a daily ArcGIS user. When it came into our office, Leapfrog was like a breath of fresh air. At the time we were struggling to develop a regional hydrogeological model for a large groundwater/surface water balance project using traditional methods and it was not going smoothly. What Leapfrog allowed me to do was very quickly develop a 3D model and the results were fantastic. It literally allowed us to do what everybody said was impossible. We cut through thousands of extremely messy borehole records in a very short time with the result being a full 3D hydrogeological model that we can export back to our GIS for further work."

Matt Skinner Geologist

Kathleen Crisley, Environment Canterbury

Leapfrog is an essential tool to develop a regional-scale geological and hydrostratigraphic framework. We have used this geological model successfully to create the structural elements of a groundwater flow model and calibration process. The Leapfrog Viewer provides a platform to present our current interpretation of the alluvial hydrostratigraphic formations within the Central Canterbury plains region. This visual tool will enable stakeholders to view and interact with the geological model and gain an appreciation of the three-dimensional aspects of the aquifer system."

Kathleen Crisley Groundwater Resources Manager

J.M. Sigda, INTERA

Having worked with geologic modelling tools since 1990, I find Leapfrog to be the most innovative, cost effective, and flexible geologic modelling tool I have yet seen. Leapfrog Hydro helped us to quickly solve the most complex geologic modelling challenge we've faced in years."

J.M. Sigda, PhD Senior Hydrogeologist

Leapfrog Geothermal

Samantha Alcaraz, GNS Science

...Leapfrog software offered GNS the opportunity to integrate all of the data sets into one interface and model the field quickly and dynamically in the 3D environment. A key aspect of understanding a geothermal field is visualising the wide range of data available and being able to view in 3D was a significant leap forward for us. The models were also revised in near real-time, so they kept pace with the project and didn’t slow it down…"

Samantha Alcaraz Geothermal Geologist