Central gives you the power to view and control the evolution of Leapfrog 3D models over time. Geologists, Managers and Engineers can all access the latest geological interpretations in a single place.

  • Track and review

    Review the latest, see the past

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  • Data visualisation

    Publish and visualise more data

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  • Discuss and collaborate

    Better traceability, less risk

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  • Experiment with confidence

    Model alternative interpretations

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  • Staged approval process

    Project staging at a glance

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  • Central storage

    Secure backup, peace of mind

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  • Share outputs

    Export model surfaces

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  • Interoperability

    Industry Partner Integration and Data Interoperability

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Track and review

  • Central makes it easy to access the very latest model, to ensure decisions are made using the most up-to-date information. A Central project has a history that shows how the model has changed over time.

    • Review the project history in Central Browser and Leapfrog to see progress and decisions made
    • See clearly what stage a model is at
    • Publish a new revision from Leapfrog, selecting what models and data to include

Data visualisation

  • Browse the model in 3D using Leapfrog’s powerful 3D viewing capabilities in the Central Browser. Visually review the model’s development through time.

    Central supports a wide range of data types that provide support to the decision-making processes. The following can all be published to Central and viewed in the Central Browser, alongside the geological model with annotations and comparison tools to collaborate and understand changes in the data.

    • Planned drillholes
    • Geological models
    • Block models
    • Interpolants
    • Images and textures
    • Serial and Fence Cross sections
    • Point data
    • GIS data
    • Polylines
    • Downhole points

Discuss and collaborate

Describe and discuss decisions made and make suggestions for further development of the model. Include information that helps build a complete picture. Point out features that require further investigation.

  • Make and reply to annotations
  • Attach documents to the project for better traceability
  • Add geotags to highlight features

Experiment with confidence

  • Central’s integration with Leapfrog allows geologists to model alternative hypotheses and test them with input from other experts. Go back to an earlier version and start developing a new model with a different interpretation. Develop the best branch, the one that represents the team’s best understanding.

    • Create new branches to experiment with different hypotheses
    • Publish a revision to Central to get feedback
    • Download different revisions to experiment with different hypotheses

Staged approval process

  • Promote projects through the organisation’s processes using project stages.

    • Define project stages that match your organisation’s procedures
    • Assign colours to easily identify stages in the project history
    • Set a new project stage to advance the revision to the next project stage

Central storage

Consolidate project data and have confidence that valuable modelling data is being backed up.

  • Publish projects from Leapfrog into Central
  • Download the latest revision and work on it in Leapfrog

Share outputs

Easily export model outputs and supporting data for use in other tools

  • Export data from Leapfrog and the Central Browser
  • Import surfaces from Central projects and update them when they have changed in other revisions (Leapfrog)
  • Support for a wide range of common industry formats

Data Interoperability

Central is partnering with relevant industry partners to enable the integration of different types of geological data into the Central environment, which will improve your workflows. Data such as drillhole data from IMDEXHUB-IQ™ is now able to be viewed in real-time in 3D.

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