Leapfrog Aspect QR code generator

A QR code is a square barcode that can be scanned with a smart phone.

Use the generator below to create a unique QR code that will inform Leapfrog Aspect of your coordinates when it is scanned in the field.

QR code generator

QR code for your augmented reality geological model:

QR code

Follow the steps below to use a QR code with Leapfrog Aspect:

  • Determine where you will be in the field when using Leapfrog Aspect to view your data
  • Enter the coordinates of this location into the QR code generator below.  Be sure to add the average user's height to the intended altitude
  • Print this QR code and put it in the field at the determined location
  • Scan the QR code with Leapfrog Aspect
  • Leapfrog Aspect will accurately position the modelled data based on your location beside the QR code

    We recommend using a QR code when you regularly use Leapfrog Aspect from the same viewing point.

    If you don't want to be tied down to a specific viewing location, using the GPS device is a superior option.  If GPS is not available, you can manually enter your location coordinates.