Designed for teams managing complex geological data

Central is a model management solution that’s designed to manage your geological data from a centralised, auditable environment.

Visualise and track how geological interpretations change over time and enable your teams to make confident decisions, when it matters most.


  • Single source

    Central holds all your geological modelling projects in one place.

    This infrastructure includes version control, user permissions, and the ability to track and audit the decision making process.

  • Connectivity

    No matter where you are in the world, in an office or at a remote location, always stay connected to your team and the same source of knowledge.

    Gather insights into project changes when you need to.

  • Collaboration

    Discuss and explore different geological interpretations with members of your team.

    Share a detailed history of the model with management and other project stakeholders.

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Deployment options designed to fit your organisation


    • Deployed locally in your chosen environment
    • Designed for mine operations that need to process and store large amounts of data securely
    • Data is stored on your own infrastructure
    • Suitable for remote locations where internet access is limited
    • Subscription based licensing
    • Access to our global support network


    • Deployed in a secure Azure data center of your choice
    • Designed for teams that want to collaborate on geological data at a global scale
    • Performance and storage is scaled based on your requirements
    • Subscription based licensing
    • Maintenance, uptime and backups are managed by our expert IT team

  • Central Browser

    Desktop visualisation tool that’s a component of Central, used to understand how geological models change over time.

  • Leapfrog

    Standalone, workflow-based 3D geological modelling tool. Models update dynamically, allowing decisions to be made with the most up to date information.

  • Admin Portal

    A tool intended for Central administrators to manage user access, user permissions and projects.

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  • Track and review

    Review the latest, see the past

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  • Explore and analyse

    See and explore the model in 3D

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  • Discuss and collaborate

    Better traceability, less risk

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  • Experiment with confidence

    Model alternative interpretations

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  • Staged approval process

    Project staging at a glance

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  • Central storage

    Secure backup, peace of mind

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  • Share outputs

    Export model surfaces

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