Central 2.0

Central helps you visualise, track and manage geological models in the most efficient way possible. With the latest 2.0 release, we have significantly expanded the range of data that can be published to Central and now more information can be visualised through the Central Browser - offering you a much more complete solution.

Publishing and visualisation improvements

  • Central now supports a wide range of data types that provide support to the decision-making processes. Planned holes, images, sections, textures and GIS data are now able to be viewed in the Central Browser alongside the geological model with annotations and comparison tools to collaborate and understand changes in the data

    • Planned drillhole support in Central now allows your entire team to see and collaborate around the drill plan with the context of the 3D model.
    • Images are now able to be published to Central allowing data such as maps, photos and geophysics to be viewed either in scene or draped on surfaces
    • Textures are a powerful new addition to Central and make it possible view scanned 3D images in the Central Browser. This opens up new workflows for visualization of geological imagery collected in the field.
    • Publishing sections now lets you view historic geological data alongside your project to provide additional context to the 3D interpretation.
    • Polylines which have either been created or imported are now able to be published to Central. These lines can be viewed in the Central Browser showing where explicit controls have been added to a model.
    • Downhole points can now be published to Central allowing more options for visualising downhole data.
    • Subfolders are now stored in Central, improving the organisation and usability in the Central Browser.


  • Now downhole points published to Central can be viewed as a 3D graph alongside the drilling, providing more supporting information for you to understand the geology.


  • URL fields are now displayed along with meta data on points and drillholes in the Central Browser. This allows objects to be selected in scene and linked to an external file or website. Powerful workflows integrating supporting data can be built by adding URLs to link to data such as core photography.


  • Point size can now be scaled by numeric values in Central Browser enabling multiple variables to be visualised at the same time.


  • Projects that have been disconnected from Central can now be reimported to the same Central server. You have the choice to import to an existing project, in which case a new branch will be created or create a completely new project.