Leapfrog EDGE

For today’s resource estimation challenges

Carry out robust resource estimates in an intuitive and highly visual environment. Leapfrog Edge has the industry standard tools you need most, arranged into a streamlined, but not prescriptive workflow.

An active Leapfrog Edge licence will enable resource estimation functionality within Leapfrog Geo 4.2 and onwards.

  • Link to geology

    Fully integrate your resource estimation workflow with your geological model. Refine or add data at any stage and changes flow downstream from your geological model to the resource model and everywhere in between.

  • Reduce training time

    Intuitive, flexible workflows and uncluttered work spaces accelerate the learning curve, improve productivity and reduce training time.

  • See data differently

    Visualise and interact with your data throughout your resource estimation process. Iterate and see the results in 3D to gain new insights.


  • Estimation

    Industry-standard linear estimation methods

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  • Domaining

    Interactive visualisations to improve understanding

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  • Geostatistical evaluation

    Gain rapid geostatistical and EDA insights

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  • Report

    Communicate findings and provide evidence

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