Leapfrog Geo 4.2

As well as significantly advancing Leapfrog Geo, this latest release includes integration with two new products Leapfrog EDGE and View.

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Data analysis

  • Leapfrog Geo 4.2 is packed with new tools for data analysis. Interrogate your data and gain new insights, all while staying in Leapfrog’s visual and interactive environment.

    New functionality:

    • Complete geostatistical data analysis data using scatter plots, Q-Q plots, box plots, log probability plots and histograms.
    • Select data in the histograms or scatter plots to simultaneously see it selected in the 3D scene.
    • Visualise pre- and post-composite histograms in a single chart to validate your compositing methodology.

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Leapfrog EDGE

Leapfrog Geo 4.2 integrates with Leapfrog EDGE, a new solution designed for today’s resource estimation challenges.

Carry out robust resource estimates in an intuitive and highly visual environment. Leapfrog EDGE has the industry standard tools you need most, arranged into a streamlined workflow.

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With Leapfrog EDGE you can:

  • Define your estimation domain and then seamlessly go on to perform boundary analysis and compositing.
  • Gain rapid insights using tools for geostatistical evaluation.
  • Conduct experimental variography with 2D and 3D visualisations to improve understanding.
  • Build complex block model calculations and filters with an easy-to-use editor.
  • Estimate with industry standard tools linear estimation methods including inverse distance, nearest neighbour, ordinary and simple kriging in addition to Leapfrog’s FastRBF™.
  • Communicate findings to stakeholders; Conveniently use all visualisations and graphs you produce in reports.

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Turn your 3D data into a story with View – our new free web application. With the click of a button in Leapfrog Geo 4.2, upload views of your model to instantly and effectively communicate and collaborate with your team or stakeholders. Access and interact with shared views in a web browser, from anywhere in the world using most devices.

With View you can:

  • Upload views of your model from Leapfrog Geo 4.2 with one click.
  • Access Views in a web browser instantly, without the need to download software.
  • Control who sees your model to ensure confidentiality; View has many sharing and permission options.
  • Easily interact with the model regardless of previous modelling experience; data manipulation can be done with either a mouse or touch-screen.
  • Collaborate on key insights by saving and sharing your slides, and viewing your collaborators’ slides.

Please note that View currently has some restrictions on upload capacity, so it’s best used to showcase specific aspects of your 3D model. Leapfrog Viewer, our desktop product, will continue to be available for viewing large and detailed models.

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  • Make a change to an interval selection and only the affected dependent vein will be reprocessed, saving time. Plus, assign intervals to existing category codes.
  • Clearly identify in the scene which parts of a mesh correspond to the select part in the Extract / Export mesh parts window, rather than using trial and error.
  • Export block models with a number of flexible options.
  • When filtering drillholes and points for Distance Functions, filter the object used with any query defined for that object.
  • Combine identical mesh vertices in the meshes folder to improve snapping cases where vertices occupy the exact same point in space.

Please view the Leapfrog Geo 4.2 release notes for a full list of the new functionality.