Leapfrog Mining

Open pit mine

Leapfrog Mining is a toolbox approach to 3D geological modelling. This gives Leapfrog experts full control. Due to the flexibility of this approach, users are limited only by their skill level.

Save time

    The advanced implicit modelling approach accelerates processing, viewing and interpretation of drillhole data. Models that can take weeks and months to develop manually can be ready in days or hours. This allows the geologist to spend more time interpreting, comparing and strategising.

      Dynamically update your models

        The dynamic nature of Leapfrog Mining allows models to be automatically updated when new data is added and in step with the project as it moves forward. Models are built by a process of refinement as additional data and user interpretations are all incorporated. Yet measured data, interpretations and the model are clearly separated to give you confidence in your results and facilitate quality assurance.

          Improve decision making

            Leapfrog Mining empowers you with better information for borehole planning, field management and future development strategies.

              Use in every stage of the mining lifecycle

                Leapfrog Mining is used in every stage of the mining lifecycle. Not just an indispensable exploration tool, Leapfrog Mining also excels in operating mines.

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