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Application process

Once the application form is submitted, the application will be reviewed by the Leapfrog Academic Team who will notify you within five working days of the outcome of your application. More information may be needed to approve some applications.

Academic licences are issued on an annual basis across all of the Leapfrog product range.

Once approved, a Leapfrog representative will work with you to organise training if needed and will help to establish a project timetable.

A Leapfrog representative will continue to make contact with you throughout the course/project to gather feedback on the course/product, see how the course/project is going and to provide assistance as necessary.

In relation to a research licence, upon completion of the project or research, a Leapfrog representative will work with you to publish your research in the Leapfrog Reference Library. This is a great opportunity to get your research and findings showcased in front of industry experts and academics throughout the world.

Licence terms

  • All academic licences are intended for non-commercial use.
  • Upon successful application submission, a Leapfrog representative will spend some time with you to understand any potential commercial or intellectual property issues.
  • Leapfrog would like to understand more about the work being done by academic licence users and will follow up with users to find out how the course/project is going and to see if there is anything Leapfrog can further assist with.
  • At both the outset of the academic tenure and through publications, Leapfrog will reference the source of data published and the academic institution involved with the research.

Academic users will have access to support geologists to assist with any queries or areas where assistance may be needed.

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