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Leapfrog software can greatly enhance your academic research and projects. Leapfrog produces geological models in hours or days rather than weeks or months. This can free up your time to focus on interpreting the geology, considering multiple hypotheses, and ...all those extracurricular activities.

There is no better way to communicate what is going on underground than with Leapfrog. It brings the geology to life, and makes it easily understood by everyone. Leapfrog models will really add an edge to your research.

Leapfrog Geo Mineral Deposit Research Unit case study - University of British Columbia


All research projects using Leapfrog can be shared in the Academic Hub.

This is a fantastic way to get global exposure amongst other like minded academics and reputable mining organisations.

Easily share your projects using the free Leapfrog Viewer.

A Leapfrog research licence can be granted to any geology student undertaking a particular project who meets the conditions outlined in the requirements.


With a Leapfrog academic licence you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Generously discounted licence/s for the term of the research project.
  • Local support and training.
  • Involvement in development of a cutting edge project.
  • International exposure for your research project to the wider academic market and industry via the Leapfrog Academic Hub.


  • Licence usage must be managed by a Dean, Key Lecturer or Faculty Head committed to 3D geological modelling.
  • The university and faculty should be well respected internationally; have a strong offering in economic geology and offer both undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • The research details, including aims, objectives and timeline should be clearly outlined.
  • Findings must be publicly available and published in the open literature.
  • Copies of published papers, theses, case studies and models must be supplied to Leapfrog.
  • Appropriate acknowledgement of Leapfrog.


All Geology students and teaching staff are eligible to apply for a Leapfrog academic licence to support a particular project or area of research. The applications will be assessed to determine whether there is a legitimate use for the product and if the product will be of benefit to the project. Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis and if necessary, more information will be sought.

The application process

Once the application has been approved and you have been issued with a Leapfrog academic licence, you are agreeing to share your research and findings with Leapfrog. Leapfrog has the freedom to publish research collateral in the Leapfrog Academic Hub as a resource for any interested parties. This will enable other Leapfrog academic users to find out more about how Leapfrog is being used and how it is helping to improve projects all around the world.

Representatives from Leapfrog will also follow up with academic users on an ad-hoc basis to:

  • Gather feedback on the product including useful features, recommendations and potential limitations.
  • Follow up the progress of research or projects being completed using the Leapfrog products.
  • Provide any assistance or support as necessary to ensure the product can be used to its full potential.
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