Civil & Environmental

Reduce risk in your Civil Engineering & Environmental projects with dynamic 3D implicit modelling

Leapfrog Works is a revolutionary solution for understanding, visualising and communicating ground conditions. It is the only 3D subsurface modelling solution specifically designed for the Civil Engineering and Environmental industries.

As part of an ecosystem of user-centric solutions, Works helps reduce risk and keeps your projects on time and on budget by enabling better decision making.

Civil Engineering

With Leapfrog Works you can reduce risk in your civil engineering projects with the most accurate, up to date geological modelling.

Civil Engineering projects are often large  and complex and you need to share information and communicate with lots of stakeholders. Understanding and predicting subsurface conditions is key to robust decision making and to keeping projects on time, and ultimately on budget. Until now the industry has had to rely on manual and ad-hoc solutions borrowed from other workflows. Leapfrog Works addresses these workflow challenges while allowing users to easily combine geological models with engineering designs, and project workflows such as BIM, for in-depth insight and better decision making.

3D implicit subsurface modelling

An integral part of major civil engineering projects like the Puhoi to Warkworth motorway, Leapfrog Works is at the centre of delivering advanced solutions. Its compelling 3D visualisation aids understanding and rapidly communicates highly technical ideas.

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Connecting geology to design

Designed by industry experts for industry experts, Leapfrog Works solves workflow challenges. With the ability to integrate design models with expected geology, it provides the insight and understanding into how the geology will affect the project, such as being able to rapidly assess excavation volumes by material type.

  • Dynamic, implicit modelling vastly speeds up processes and enhances efficiency.
  • Superior and compelling 3D visualisation effectively communicates to stakeholders.
  • Highly intuitive, turnkey solution saves training time and streamlines workflows

Bringing advanced 3D implicit modelling to Civil Engineering, Leapfrog Works speeds up processes and provides timely information for better more informed decision making that ultimately reduces risk.


We hope this is just the start of using 3D visualisation to communicate risks within a project and to help clients and contractors to make sense of them. This is the power of combining technical eminence and digital technology."

Philip Kirk Geotechnical Team Leader, Aurecon


Environmental projects include management of groundwater resources around coastal zones, landfills or sources of industrial or agricultural contaminants.  Groundwater systems can comprise large areas, but sometimes only small amounts of data are available to work with, and you have to consult with and inform a wide variety of audiences. Leapfrog Works is designed to work with sparse datasets to produce repeatable, reliable results that can be readily updated as new data becomes available. Its superior 3D visualisation breaks down barriers whilst allowing better decision making in managing a sustainable environment.

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Environment Canterbury

Leapfrog is an essential tool to develop a regional-scale geological and hydrostratigraphic framework. We have used this geological model successfully to create the structural elements of a groundwater flow model and calibration process."

Kathleen Crisley Groundwater Resources Manager

3D implicit modelling tackling water challenges

Pivotal in helping define scarce water resource projects in Africa, Leapfrog Works is at the centre of delivering advanced solutions to complex environmental challenges. Its ability to work with often small amounts of data, while providing compelling and clear 3D visualisation, increases confidence and enables better decision making.

  • Dynamic, implicit modelling vastly speeds up processes and enhances efficiency over a large area.
  • Superior and compelling 3D visualisation effectively communicates to stakeholders of all levels.
  • Highly intuitive, turnkey solution saves training time and streamlines workflows.

Delivering advanced 3D implicit modelling to the Environmental industry, Leapfrog Works helps support more sustainable initiatives by improving decision making and ultimately reducing risk.


Accordion Section


Leapfrog Works

Leapfrog Works is a workflow-based 3D geological modelling tool. Leapfrog Works’ powerful implicit modelling engine bypasses time-consuming wireframing and produces models directly from industry standard formats for borehole, GIS, Designs and structural data, as well as supporting BIM workflows.

Visit the Leapfrog Works page to learn more about Leapfrog Works capabilities

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Visualisation and communication

Seequent View

Seequent View is ideal when you need to reach a wide audience during public consultation or for quickly sharing key project views with a client or partner company. Free to get started, View runs on a browser with no need to install software or pass large files around, all you need to do is share a link.

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Viewer provides the full visualisation capabilities experienced in Leapfrog Works. Its free to download and use and provides you with a read only version of your model to take to meetings, to share with other technical teams or to provide a client with a snapshot of the model as a key project deliverable. Stakeholders can interact with the model with no risk of editing or altering the original data.  

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Model Management and reporting

Seequent Central

Seequent Central is a model management platform that provides a single source of truth for your Leapfrog models and geoscience data. Central makes it easy to back up the model, make incremental changes and track those changes. Traceability ensures you can establish and maintain a chain of custody with your project teams over the course of a project promoting transparency and auditability, for governance purposes. And with the Central Browser, other stakeholders can readily see how the model evolves over time.

Visit the Central page to learn more about how Central can help your organisation make the most of its geological modelling capabilities.

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