Geothermal energy


Developing a sustainable geothermal resource relies heavily on getting the most out of all of your data. This allows a thorough understanding of the subsurface. When you can make the most of your data, you can have confidence that your model accurately represents what’s going on underground.

How much are you getting from your data?

Geothermal projects typically have sparse data to work with, so you need tools that help you make the most of what you have.

Build and plan from sparse data

Leapfrog’s implicit modelling engine builds reliable models from sparse data. Data types that can be used include geology, geophysics, hydrothermal alteration and temperature data. You can take into account multidisciplinary data streams for well planning and field management.

  • Visualise data in the 3D scene
  • Import, correct and analyse data
  • Use geological models as the basis for flow simulation (TOUGH2) models
  • Plan wells in 3D using the well planning tool

How easily can you build a model?

Gaining a good understanding of the geology requires testing and refining models. But a modelling tool that is hard to use gets in the way and prevents you from focussing on the geology.

Build models rapidly

Leapfrog’s workflow-based solution is easy to learn and lets you quickly build and refine your models.

  • Rapidly build a conceptual model from various data types such as 2D cross sections, geophysics, and geological maps
  • Update and refine models as more data becomes available, such as well data
  • Rapidly build and refine a geological model
  • Copy and modify geological models to test different hypotheses
  • Peers and stakeholders can discuss and evaluate various scenarios


You spend more time on your models than anyone else and have the best understanding of what’s going on at a site. But communication is critical in geothermal decision making and community engagement.

Communicate complex information simply

Leapfrog’s impressive 3D visualisation tools are compelling to all project stakeholders, and help to explain complex situations.

  • Dive into the technical detail with your asset teams using Leapfrog Geothermal's 3D scene
  • Share key concepts with the community using the free and interactive Leapfrog Viewer
  • Export 3D movies or images on the geological model to accompany reports
  • Ensure updates are communicated to important stakeholders in real time with Central and View


Accordion Section


Leapfrog Geothermal

Leapfrog Geothermal is a workflow-based 3D geological modelling tool. It interfaces with industry leading reservoir engineering and geophysical software for rapid interpretation of geothermal reservoirs.

Leapfrog’s 3D modelling and visualisation brings clarity and understanding to the geothermal development life cycle, reducing risk from exploration to field operation.

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Leapfrog Edge

Carry out experimental variography on your well or point data and construct variograms to create estimation models to integrate into your geothermal workflow.

Leapfrog Edge has the industry standard tools you need most, arranged into a streamlined, intuitive and highly visual environment.

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Visualisation and communication

Seequent View

Turn your 3D data into a story with Seequent View, a free web application. With the click of a button in Leapfrog, upload views of your model to instantly and effectively communicate with your team or stakeholders. Access and interact with shared views in a web browser, from anywhere in the world using most devices..

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Leapfrog Viewer

With the free Leapfrog Viewer, anyone can view scene files exported from Leapfrog Geothermal.

Visit the Leapfrog Viewer page to learn more about viewing scene files.

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Model management and reporting

Seequent Central

Seequent Central is a model management platform that supports continuous modelling. Central makes it easy to backup the model, make incremental changes and track those changes. It’s better than a shared network drive; it’s a centralised store that significantly increases auditability, for governance purposes. And with the Central Browser, other stakeholders can readily see how the model evolves over time.

Visit the Central page to learn more about how Central can help your organisation make the most of its geological modelling capabilities.

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Flexible subscription options are available to optimise the way your organisation uses Leapfrog.

Contact the Seequent Energy team for more information.

Data management


iPoint is a complete Geothermal data management and visualisation software solution. It allows you to access, standardise, visualise and use all your geothermal data in a single environment.

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