Groundwater management

Leapfrog does a lot with a little

When modelling groundwater systems, getting repeatable, reliable results from small amounts of data is vital to building the right picture of what’s going on. And when you have collected more data, it’s important to be able to update models quickly. Leapfrog helps you get the hydrogeology right: everything else flows on from that.

How much are you getting from your data?

Hydrogeology projects typically don’t have much data to work with, so you need tools that help you make the most of what you have. But then when you’re inundated with data, you need tools that help you process and analyse that data quickly, one that rapidly updates your models. If you can’t adequately analyse your data and use it in different ways, you can’t build and test different hypotheses.

Build from a lot of data or a little

Leapfrog’s implicit modelling engine builds reliable models from whatever data you have, whether its sparse or abundant.

  • Visualise data in the 3D scene
  • Import, correct and analyse drilling data
  • Sort and segment different rock types
  • Copy and modify models to test different hypotheses
  • Use geological models as the basis for Modflow and FEFLOW compatible flow models
  • Add more data when it becomes available, dynamically updating dependent models

Environment Canterbury

Leapfrog is an essential tool to develop a regional-scale geological and hydrostratigraphic framework. We have used this geological model successfully to create the structural elements of a groundwater flow model and calibration process. The Leapfrog Viewer provides a platform to present our current interpretation of the alluvial hydrostratigraphic formations within the Central Canterbury plains region. This visual tool will enable stakeholders to view and interact with the geological model and gain an appreciation of the three-dimensional aspects of the aquifer system."

Kathleen Crisley Groundwater Resources Manager Environment Canterbury

Show how your models were built

Hydrogeologists spend more time with the model than anyone else and have the best understanding of what’s going on at a site. But communicating that knowledge to other stakeholders is difficult, especially when they don’t have a background in geology or groundwater management. Stakeholders are reluctant to accept findings if they can’t understand how the model was built. Leapfrog changes all that.

Help stakeholders understand the geology

Leapfrog’s data visualisation and export tools let you show people what’s going on with the geology in the format that best suits them.

  • Rotate and zoom into the model in Leapfrog’s 3D scene
  • Change how objects are displayed to emphasise important features and data
  • Set up multiple 3D scenes illustrating and explaining the different stages of model development
  • Export scene files that anyone can view using Leapfrog’s free model viewer
  • Easily produce, annotate and export cross sections
  • An augmented reality Android app helps those at the site see the model in context


Having confidence in a model requires testing different hypotheses and refining the model, especially when that model is being tested in court for groundwater contamination cases.  When it’s difficult to build and modify models, fewer hypotheses are tested, which limits your ability to ensure that your model is robust.

Build models rapidly

Leapfrog lets you build models quickly. Leapfrog is so fast:

  • You can model each rock type independently and together
  • Peers and stakeholders can discuss and evaluate various scenarios
  • Variations in different models suggest the best opportunities for further data collection


Accordion Section


Leapfrog Works

Leapfrog Works is a workflow-based 3D geological modelling tool. Leapfrog Works’ powerful implicit modelling engine bypasses time-consuming wireframing and produces models directly from industry standard formats for borehole, GIS, Designs and structural data, as well as supporting BIM workflows.

Visit the Leapfrog Works page to learn more about Leapfrog Works capabilities

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Hydrogeology module

The Hydrogeology module improves decision making in the areas of mine dewatering and contaminant flows. It gives Leapfrog Geo functionality to interoperate with MODFLOW and FEFLOW, making it easy to use lithology models as the basis for flow models and visualising modelling results.

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Visualisation and communication

Leapfrog Viewer

With the free Leapfrog Viewer, anyone can view scene files exported from Leapfrog modelling products.

Visit the Leapfrog Viewer page to learn more about viewing scene files.

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Leapfrog Aspect

Leapfrog Aspect is a free Android app that can be downloaded from the Android App Store. With this augmented reality tool, you can be at the site and see the model superimposed over the view.

Visit the Leapfrog Aspect page to learn more about the Leapfrog Aspect app.

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Leapfrog’s licensing options let you optimise how your organisation works. For groundwater modelling, we recommend Consultants OnDemand, a flexible licensing system that lets you check out a Leapfrog licence for as little as a day or as long as several months.

Visit the Leapfrog Licensing page to learn more about licensing options.

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