Leapfrog makes the most of all your data

In any mining exploration project, quickly getting a feel for the deposit is vital in making good decisions. When you can make the most of all your data, you can have confidence that your model accurately represents what’s going on underground.

Does your model tell you all you need to know?

Models are based on real data, but in an exploration project, that data comes from a multitude of sources and in many different formats. Only when you can work with all your data can you build the most accurate picture of the geology.

Analyse and process your data

  • Visualise data in the 3D scene
  • Import, correct and analyse different data types (including drilling and structural data) and filter them to see where information is coming from
  • Gain rapid insights using the geostatistical evaluation and exploratory data analysis
  • Build models from even sparse data
  • Carry out robust resource estimates
  • View and make decisions based on the very latest data. Additional data added at any stage flows downstream, from the geological model, to your resource model and everything in between.

How easily can you test different hypotheses?

Gaining a good understanding of the geology requires testing hypotheses and refining models, whether it’s a greenfield exploration or a near-mine exploration. When producing and updating a model is difficult, assumptions go untested and poorly made assumptions can result in resources being invested in the wrong area.

Build models rapidly

Leapfrog lets you build models more rapidly than ever before. Leapfrog is so fast that:

  • You can easily model different hypotheses
  • The team can discuss and evaluate various scenarios
  • Fresh data can be used to validate models and invalid models can be discarded, along with the invalid assumptions they represent

Be more productive

Complex software can be difficult to learn and painful to use, making it difficult to quickly train up new staff. Often, when the software is difficult to use, the team has one expert who has fought the battle to learn the tool and other learners who are reluctant to face the beast.

Apply manpower effectively

Leapfrog’s intuitive design is built with geologists in mind so new staff can quickly gain the confidence to explore and make full use of Leapfrog’s powerful modelling tools. Because the software's not in the way, staff can focus on interpreting the geology.

  • Reduce training time
  • Increase productivity
  • Quickly upskill new staff and help address skilled worker shortages
  • Stay in the same intuitive, visual workflow based environment from geological modelling, right through to resource estimation

Stop relying on a desktop PC for critical storage

Too often, the most important up-to-date copy of an exploration model is stored on a geologist’s
workstation. It’s on a hard drive that will one day fail, it’s not being backed up and it’s not accessible
to other geologists and decision makers.

See all your models in one place

  • Store all your projects on a central server with Central
  • Back up your projects to a secure server
  • Publish the latest model when it’s ready for feedback
  • Discuss your projects with other members of the team

Better, clearer reporting

Geologists spend more time with the data than anyone else and have the best understanding of a site’s potential. But sharing that knowledge with others is difficult. Producing the right cross sections takes time, and even then, it is unlikely the stakeholder will acquire a clear, accurate mental picture of the geology and its potential. Leapfrog changes all that.

Let others see the data

Leapfrog’s data visualisation and export tools let you show people what’s going on with the geology in the format that best suits them.

  • Rotate and zoom into the model in Leapfrog’s 3D scene
  • Change how objects are displayed to emphasise important features and data
  • Easily produce and export cross sections when the model is updated
  • Communicate and provide evidence of an appropriate resource estimate with reports such as grade tonnage curves
  • See the geology in 3D scenes that anyone can view using Leapfrog’s free model viewer
  • An augmented reality Android app helps those at the site see the model in context


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Leapfrog Geo

Leapfrog Geo is a workflow-based 3D geological modelling tool. Leapfrog Geo’s powerful implicit modelling engine bypasses time-consuming wireframing and produces models directly from data.

Visit the Leapfrog Geo page to learn more about Leapfrog Geo’s capabilities.

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Leapfrog Edge

Visit the Leapfrog Edge page to learn more about Leapfrog Edge’s capabilities.

Leapfrog Edge is a solution for today’s resource estimation challenges. Carry out robust resource estimates in a considered, crafted environment with the industry standard tools you need most arranged into a streamlined workflow.

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Visualisation and communication

Leapfrog Viewer

With the free Leapfrog Viewer, anyone can view scene files exported from any Leapfrog modelling product.

Visit the Leapfrog Viewer page to learn more about viewing scene files.

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Model management and reporting


Central supports continuous modelling is better than a shared network drive, it’s a centralised store that significantly increases auditability, for governance purposes. Anyone in the organisation can install the Central Browser and see models that have been published to Central.

Visit the Central page to learn more about how Central can help your organisation make the most of its geological modelling capabilities.

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Flexible subscription options let you optimise how your organisation uses Leapfrog. Visit the Leapfrog Subscription page to learn more about seat options.

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