Consistent, repeatable, predictable with Leapfrog

In an operating mine, accurate classification of material is vital to efficient, sound decision making. Directing ore to a plant which it isn't suited to can be costly due to plant down-time and unrecovered resources. Subjective decisions made at the rockface don't produce a consistent, repeatable, predictable process.

Inconsistent material handling costs time and money

Grade is king, and an accurate geological model and resource estimate can increase the predictability of what is mined. Predictability permits consistency, and a consistently repeatable process for identifying and managing material optimises plant utilisation and minimises downtime.

Optimise material handling with accurate grade modelling

Leapfrog helps you understand what you are going to be extracting, before extraction begins. You can:

  • Visualise data in the 3D scene
  • Recognise and deal with unconformities
  • Improve classification of blocks
  • Update and quantify resource estimates as new data is received for quick decision making

In an operating mine, good decisions require good information

Garbage in, garbage out, the saying goes. There are consequences to using out-of-date information in an operating mine, and often it's the modelling tools that limit your ability to readily integrate the latest data into the model to inform sound decision making.

Keep models up to date

With Leapfrog, it's easy to keep all your models up-to-date on a regular basis. Refined interpretations or additional data added at any stage flow downstream, from the geological model, to your resource model and everything in between.

Models based on data dynamically update when new or revised data is imported into a project.

  • Use blasthole samples to update and improve the grade control model
  • Sample testing and modelling removes subjective observations
  • Integrate fresh observations from geologists at the mine
  • Easily access the most up-to-date version of the model and the resource estimate

Be more productive

Complex software can be difficult to learn and painful to use, making it difficult to quickly train up new staff. Often, when the software is difficult to use, the team has one expert who has fought the battle to learn the tool and other learners who are reluctant to face the beast.

Apply manpower effectively

Leapfrog’s intuitive design is built with geologists in mind so new staff can quickly gain the confidence to explore and make full use of Leapfrog’s powerful modelling tools. Because the software's not in the way, staff can focus on interpreting the geology.

  • Reduce training time
  • Increase productivity
  • Quickly upskill new staff and help address skilled worker shortages

See your model’s history, track its evolution

When your company’s high-resolution grade control model is stored on a workstation in an Operations hut, no one in the wider team can see when it’s been updated with the blasthole sample results for the current bench. The model’s not accessible to other geologists and decision makers, it’s not being backed up and it’s on a hard drive that will one day fail.

Continuous modelling makes backing up models and sharing results easy

With continuous modelling, back up the model, make incremental changes, track those changes and see how the model evolves over time.

  • Back up your projects to a secure server
  • Create branches to model benches
  • Operate off-line when not connected to a network
  • Publish the latest model when it’s ready for feedback
  • Discuss your projects with other members of the team


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Leapfrog's easy-to-follow workflows are designed with geologists in mind. Workflows are easy to learn, requiring less training time and making it possible to have more than one Leapfrog specialist in the team.

Leapfrog Geo

Leapfrog Geo is a workflow-based 3D geological modelling tool. Leapfrog Geo's powerful implicit modelling engine bypasses time-consuming wireframing and produces models directly from drillhole, blasthole, GIS, geophysics and structural data sources.

Visit the Leapfrog Geo page to learn more about Leapfrog Geo’s capabilities.

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Leapfrog Edge

Visit the Leapfrog Edge page to learn more about Leapfrog Edge’s capabilities.

Leapfrog Edgeis a solution for today’s resource estimation challenges. Carry out robust resource estimates in a considered, crafted environment with the industry standard tools you need most arranged into a streamlined workflow.

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Hydrogeology module

The Hydrogeology module improves decision making in the areas of mine dewatering and contaminant flows. It gives Leapfrog Geo functionality to interoperate with MODFLOW and FEFLOW, making it easy to use lithology models as the basis for flow models and visualising modelling results.

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Visualisation and communication

Leapfrog Viewer

With the free Leapfrog Viewer, anyone can view scene files exported from any Leapfrog modelling product.

Visit the Leapfrog Viewer page to learn more about viewing scene files.

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Model management and reporting


Central is a model management platform that supports continuous modelling. Central makes it easy to backup the model, make incremental changes and track those changes. It’s better than a shared network drive; it’s a centralised store that significantly increases auditability, for governance purposes. And with the Central Browser, other stakeholders can readily see how the model evolves over time.

Visit the Central page to learn more about how Central can help your organisation make the most of its geological modelling capabilities.

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Flexible subscription options let you optimise how your organisation uses Leapfrog. Visit the Leapfrog Subscription page to learn more about seat options.

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