July 2018 product upgrades

We have four Leapfrog product upgrades for you!

Everyone has access to the new version of Leapfrog Geo 4.3 as well as View - a free web application for sharing and viewing Leapfrog models.

Leapfrog EDGE our new product for resource estimation, and model management platform Central also have impressive new functionality. If you don’t have an active licence for these products, contact us for a trial.

Leapfrog Geo 4.3

  • Leapfrog Geo 4.3 makes drillhole planning more efficient, delivers new visualisation tools, and builds upon the popular data analysis options added last year.

    New functionality:

    • Visually scale the width of numeric drillhole cylinders by downhole numerical data.
    • Manage planned drillholes in groups for greater efficiency.
    • View planned drillholes by evaluation.
    • Reload imported meshes or meshes created from extracted mesh and changes will flow downstream.
    • View tabulated statistics for numeric data.
    • View statistics on structural data including Bingham statistics.
    • Import updated drillhole data from acQuire faster with Smart Refresh.

    Read the full Leapfrog Geo 4.3 release notes

    Download Leapfrog Geo 4.3

Leapfrog EDGE 2.1

  • This release significantly advances the reporting capabilities of Leapfrog EDGE. A wealth of new functionality results in the ability to combine your estimation objects to a single evaluation on a block model and report across the entire block model.

    New functionality:

    • Aggregate your estimation objects to a single evaluation on a block model. Do this to combine multiple estimation passes of the same, or different domains.
    • Group tonnage / grade reports by multiple categories, for example Mea/Ind/Inf within pit phases.
    • Select a block in the 3D scene to investigate the local estimation neighbourhood and impact of parameter choices.
    • Add multiple curves to a grade tonnage graph.
    • Hole ID’s attributed to point data can be used in downhole variography and search neighbourhood definition.

    Read the full Leapfrog EDGE 2.1 release notes

Central 2.0

  • Central 2.0 provides a more complete experience in the Central Browser, improving workflows.

    Central is already proven to successfully optimise, analyse and centrally manage geological modelling for competitive advantage. Central is a single source of truth for 3D geological models and delivers better management for everyone involved in a modelling project. Central 2.0 provides a more complete experience in the Central Browser, improving workflows.

    New functionality:

    • Publish and visualise more, including: Planned drillholes, GIS data, Images, Sections, 3D textured meshes, Downhole points, Polylines, Subfolders, URL fields.
    • Reimport projects either to an existing project as a revision or as a completely new project.
    • Display downhole point data as a line graph, specifically geophysical data.
    • Size by value.

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View 2.0

  • View is a web-based visualisation tool that is approachable for all users, giving you the confidence to share your data with extended stakeholders and collaborators. The intuitive interface with persistent tools allows users to easily discover and navigate their views. Collaborate around your complex data by using the slide feature to tell your focused data story.

    New functionality:

    • Speed up and streamline collaboration by selecting critical objects to create a customised view to discuss with collaborators.
    • Leave collaborators notes or draw annotations on specific areas to direct focus to an area of interest within your data.
    • View is a web application and speed is critical for displaying your models – we have upload limit sizes learn what they are

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