May 2019 product upgrades

New product upgrades span the entire Seequent Mining Solution;
Leapfrog Geo, Leapfrog Edge, View and Seequent Central.

Highlights include over 500 performance improvements to Leapfrog Geo that build stability and usability, the new Variable Orientation tool in Leapfrog Edge, and the new Data Room in Seequent Central where you can load all your data formats in one place.

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Leapfrog Geo 4.5

  • Leapfrog Geo 4.5 focuses on improving your all-round experience and smoothing day to day workflows.

    With over 100 performance improvements in every release, Leapfrog Geo is well known for its stability and usability. Leapfrog Geo 4.5 takes this to a new level with over 500 performance improvements to smooth your day to day workflows.


    • Monitor upload progress to View, our web based sharing tool, with improved notifications.
    • Simplify polyline editing by hiding tangents and save time with more consistent polyline default sizes.
    • View draped GIS objects easily in a redesigned folder that is structured in the same way as the GIS Data, Maps and Photos folder.
    • Boost structural understanding with an intuitive polar net for stereonets, with both Schmidt and Wulf projections.
    • Change the location of ID labels on drillhole traces to the bottom.
    • Export a single saved scene with a right-click.
    • Batch export model evaluations on cross sections to DXF.
    • View your models in stunning high resolution and seamlessly move between standard and HD monitors.
    • And more - For the complete list, see the Leapfrog Geo 4.5 release notes.
    • Download Leapfrog Geo 4.5


Leapfrog EDGE 2.3

  • Leapfrog Edge 2.3 strengthens its position as a highly visual and intuitive solution for today’s resource estimation challenges with the new Variable Orientation tool, further visual validation and better reporting.


    • Variable Orientation tool - Locally re-orientate the search and variogram to better reflect the real-world geology which is rarely of constant orientation. The effect of changes in local orientation on sample selection can be validated in Leapfrogs powerful 3D graphic environment.
    • “For our resource geology group the addition of a variable orientation tool means that we can now use Leapfrog in more projects for the entire workflow. I found the new tool to be a good balance between simplicity and user control of the input and visualisation options.”
      Robin Simpson, SRK Russia.

    • Variography improvements - Copy normalised variogram values to a new domain to assess behavior, plus work more intuitively with an adjusted variography interface.

    • Resource report improvements - Create multiple resource reports for different purposes and store, copy and recall these at any time. Include density and volume columns in reports, add dollars per tonne unit, and make use of additional cut off column options.

    • And more - For the complete list, see the Leapfrog EDGE 2.3 release notes.

Seequent Central 2.2

  • Seequent Central 2.2 has significant updates. The new Central Data Room brings all your critical project data into one place, allowing your team to work better together from a single source of truth. Additionally, Central 2.2 has a refreshed look, as we transform it into a Seequent branded product.


    • Data Room - Upload your geoscience and engineering data into the Central Data Room, then use the data in different ways to develop new dynamic workflows. Central 2.2 focuses on enabling upload, download and version control of the files within the Central Portal with direct import of meshes into Leapfrog.

    • Central Portal - Actively manage all your projects with an improved user interface and navigation. The Central Portal allows you to upload files, view events, share your projects and set up integrations.

    • Project transfer improvements - Save time and reduce file sizes as only the new or changed data is now sent when publishing projects from Leapfrog to Central.

    • Permissions improvements - Gain more control of your team’s projects and their data through the extended capability of Central’s roles, permissions and connectors.

    • Publishing and visualisation of structural data - Improve management of models as Central now supports the publishing and visualisation structural data. Data can be viewed in the Central Browser with a number of visualisation and filtering options.

    • And more- For the complete list, see the Central 2.2 release notes.


  • View gives your team, stakeholders and decision-makers more timesaving ways to communicate, present and collaborate together inside one lightweight online tool.


    • Feedback improvements - Use Slides to share perspectives and have conversations about your model in context. Give feedback on a slide, customise slides with coloured pins, or annotate directly onto a model.