Designed for teams managing complex geological data

Central is a model management solution that helps you visualise, track and manage your geological data from a centralised, auditable environment.

Central brings project teams together, helps you stay connected and enables your team to make confident decisions, when it matters most.


  • Single source

    Central holds all your geological modelling projects in one place, providing a single source of truth. With full version control, user permissions and trackability in the decision-making process, project teams save time and make more confident decisions.

  • Connectivity

    No matter where you are in the world - in an office or at a remote location, always stay connected to your team and the same source of knowledge. Flexible hosting and licence options give you the best value for what you need in your organisation.

  • Collaboration

    Central brings teams together from different departments and geographical regions to collaborate on the same models. Central enables you to discuss and explore different geological interpretations and share detailed history of the models with other project stakeholders, providing more accuracy and reduced risk.

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Deployment options designed to fit your organisation


    • Deployed locally in your chosen environment
    • Designed for organisations that need to process and store large amounts of data securely
    • Data is stored on your own infrastructure
    • Suitable for remote locations where internet access is limited
    • Subscription based licensing
    • Access to our global support network


    • Deployed in a secure Azure data center of your choice
    • Designed for teams that want to collaborate on geological data at a global scale
    • Performance and storage is scaled based on your requirements
    • Subscription based licensing
    • Maintenance, uptime and backups are managed by our expert IT team

How Central works

  • Leapfrog

    Central brings all the models you created in Leapfrog -  our standalone 3D geological modelling solution – into a single environment.

    Geological data is updated dynamically and tracked, allowing more accurate decisions to be made.

  • Central Browser

    Central’s desktop visualisation tool helps any stakeholder see the model in 3D and observe how the model has been changed over time.

  • Admin Portal

    The tool for Central administrators to manage user access, user permissions and projects

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  • Track and review

    Review the latest, see the past

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  • Data visualisation

    Publish and visualise more data

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  • Discuss and collaborate

    Better traceability, less risk

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  • Experiment with confidence

    Model alternative interpretations

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  • Staged approval process

    Project staging at a glance

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  • Central storage

    Secure backup, peace of mind

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  • Share outputs

    Export model surfaces

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  • Interoperability

    Industry Partner Integration and Data Interoperability

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