What's new

We are continuing to update and advance Seequent Central's functionality to meet your evolving requirements, match your workflows and exceed expectations. Central was launched in May 2016.

Seequent Central 2.2

  • Seequent Central 2.2 has significant updates. The new Central Data Room brings all your critical project data into one place, allowing your team to work better together from a single source of truth. Additionally, Central 2.2 has a refreshed look, as we transform it into a Seequent branded product.


    • Data Room - Upload your geoscience and engineering data into the Central Data Room, then use the data in different ways to develop new dynamic workflows. Central 2.2 focuses on enabling upload, download and version control of the files within the Central Portal with direct import of meshes into Leapfrog.

    • Central Portal - Actively manage all your projects with an improved user interface and navigation. The Central Portal allows you to upload files, view events, share your projects and set up integrations.

    • Project transfer improvements Save time and reduce file sizes as only the new or changed data is now sent when publishing projects from Leapfrog to Central.

    • Permissions improvements - Gain more control of your team’s projects and their data through the extended capability of Central’s roles, permissions and connectors.

    • Publishing and visualisation of structural data - Improve management of models as Central now supports the publishing and visualisation structural data. Data can be viewed in the Central Browser with a number of visualisation and filtering options.

    • And more- For the complete list, see the Central 2.2 release notes.

Central 2.1

  • This release sees Central launch our partner integration with IMDEX. Central 2.1 also continues to improve visualisation capabilities in the Central Browser and now makes it easier for multiple-site teams work on the same environment.


    • Central-IMDEXHUB-IQ™ integration - We have partnered with IMDEX to deliver real-time 3D visualisation solution for your drillhole data. Visualise and analyse your drillhole data alongside your 3D model in a seamless and integrated way, empowering you to make faster and smarter decisions.

    • Permissions improvements - Gain more control when multiple teams are working on a single instance with the new permissions system.

    • Publishing and visualisation improvements - Visualise serial and fence sections and 2D geophysical grids.

    • Downhole graphs improvements - Display downhole interval data as bar graphs.

    • And more - Read the full Central release notes


Central 2.0

  • In Central 2.0, we brought you a much more complete solution, which improved the data that could be published to Central and the amount of information that could be visualised in the Central Browser.


    • Publishing and visualisation improvements - Planned holes, images, sections, textures and GIS data are now able to be viewed in the Central Browser alongside the geological model with annotations and comparison tools to collaborate and understand changes in the data.

    • Visualise data as downhole graphs

    • Link to supporting data with URLs - URL fields are now displayed along with meta data on points and drillholes in the Central Browser.

    • Scale by points value - Point size can now be scaled by numeric values in Central Browser enabling multiple variables to be visualised at the same time.