Tutorial videos

  • Leapfrog Aspect tutorial - Quick start guide


    This video will show you the fundamentals of using the Leapfrog Aspect app. You can use the included demo datasets to get up and running right away to understand how the app works and where to find features and options.

  • Leapfrog Aspect tutorial - Calibration ring


    To get the most out of the Leapfrog Aspect app, it's necessary to adjust a few settings to each device. The Calibration Ring scenes are included to help with adjusting the Magnetic Declination and Field of View settings within the app.

    NOTE: If you're using a Metric dataset, use the "Metric" calibration ring scene. If you're using a projection file to view Imperial datasets, use the "Imperial" calibration ring scene.

  • Leapfrog Aspect tutorial - Dropbox downloader


    Using the Dropbox Downloader is a fast and easy way to transfer viewer and coordinate projection files to the app. This video will show where to find the option and how to use it to migrate data from your PC to your Android mobile device.

  • Leapfrog Aspect tutorial - GPS settings


    The Leapfrog Aspect app has a number of ways to position yourself within the Augmented Reality view. This video will go over the various options and the situations where they'd be most useful.

  • Leapfrog Aspect tutorial - Projection file


    If you're on a site that uses a local grid, Imperial units, or other non-UTM metric coordinate base, you'll need to use a projection file to move the data relative to your position. This video will show an example of a projection file, as well as how to set it up within Leapfrog Aspect for use on your site.