Getting Started for IT

Here are some simple steps to get install Central on your Server.

Step 1 – Set up for Installation

To install Central Server, you will need to install or already have the following:

  1. Safenet License Management Service
  2. PostgreSQL database server (version 10.0 or later recommended)
  3. SMTP server

Step 2 – Run Leapfrog Start

Leapfrog Start is an application to help you get going with your Leapfrog software. It checks to see if your network will support the connection of Leapfrog web based services to your desktop applications and help you get onboard quicker.

  1. Click here to learn more on understanding your Leapfrog web services report.
  2. Download and run the program.

Step 3 – Run the Licence Set-up Installers

The following steps are required for you to install Central Server without any issues.

  1. Run the SafeNet License Management Service installer Run HaspUserSetup.exe.
  2. Copy haspvlib_59392.dll into C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP.
  3. Run the remote update tool LeapfrogLicensing.exe.
  4. Collect Information: choose 'Installation of new protection key' on the Collect Status Information tab, save the .c2v file.
  5. Email the .c2v file to [email protected] or to your sales agent . (If you are running Central on a virtual machine, please advise us in your email so we can issue you a license with virtualisation support.)
  6. When you receive the corresponding .v2c file, open Leapfroglicensing.exe. On the Apply License File tab, enter the filename in the Update File Entry box or click the ... button to upload the .v2c file. Choose Apply Update and ensure that the Update written successfully messsage appears.
  7. Install PostgreSQL - choose ‘graphical installer’ from EnterpriseDB website. Follow the installation instructions in the PostgreSQL setup wizard.
  8. Prepare SSL - create an environment variable called SSL_CERT_PATH and provide the location of the folder where the SSL certificates will be stored.

Step 4 – Run Central Server Setup

Find the Central Server executable setup file in the supplied files and run it. The Setup - Central Server setup wizard window will appear. Note the recommendation to close other applications before continuing with the installation. This may avoid restarting the operating system after the installation completes.

  1. Specify an installation folder, a default path is provided.
  2. The Run configuration script after installation checkbox should be ticked.
  3. When prompted for storage host the default value is localhost or type the URI for the PostgreSQL server that will host the Central server database.

If you would like assistance with this set up process, please contact your local Leapfrog team.