Leapfrog Edge For Mining

Leapfrog Edge is a solution for today’s mineral resource estimation challenges and applies the highly dynamic, intuitive and visual capabilities that have made Leapfrog the leader in geological modelling. Presented in streamlined, easy to follow workflows, Leapfrog Edge includes all of the standard tools for estimation, domaining, geostatistical evaluation and reporting.

  • Leapfrog Edge is making an impact all over the world! Users value the strong link between data visualisation, analysis, parameter choice and validation. Streamlined workflows reduce errors whilst dynamic updating rapidly incorporates new information.

Read below how users from all over the world are benefiting from
Leapfrog Edge’s capabilities

Accordion Section

Resource Estimation

First Majestic Silver Corp use the combination of Leapfrog Geo and Leapfrog Edge to produce all of their resources for their six operating mines in Mexico.
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David Rowe, Resource Geologist, First Majestic Silver Corp, Canada & Mexico
“We realised Edge would help us effectively capture multiple resources across multiple mines in a time effective manner… and if you reload a new drillhole set the minute you adapt those into your geologic model that flows through and dynamically updates your established resource estimate.

Keith Osburn, Senior Resource Geologist, Minxcon Consulting, South Africa
“I use Edge for the complete process of Resource Estimation, from the validation of wireframes (created in Leapfrog or not) through to definition and statistics of domains, variography, estimation and Resource classification. The calculations tool within Edge means I do not have to export the model and perform any additional functions in other software packages, everything from start to finish can be done in Edge.”

David Garcia-Balbuena, Head of Mine Geology, Terrafame Ltd, Finland
“In Edge the different interpolation methods are seamlessly optimised. It makes very complex workflows transparent and traceable. The module is agile at returning results when testing different estimation approaches. For us, this increased the number of iterations that we can run in a given time to find the best fitting approach. Edge has turned out to be a very powerful tool in our operations.”

Dr. Luis Villa Iglesias, Director del Departamento de Geología y Recursos Minerales, MINERSA Group, Spain
“As the first industrial minerals company to use the software on the Iberian Peninsula, both in the exploration phase and in the final phase of the evaluation of mineral resources and mine geology, we were surprised with the capabilities of the adaptable modelling algorithms for use on the varying minerals which we exploit (clays, fluorite, salts etc.) as well as how easy it is to set the characterization parameters in Leapfrog Edge. On top of that, we must acknowledge the help and support we are receiving from the Seequent team in implementing this software.”

Block modelling, variable orientation

Sofia Höglund, Resource Geologist, for Boliden Garpenberg Mine, Sweden and Boliden Tara Mine, Ireland
“We use Leapfrog for geological modelling and previously we have exported all input data from Leapfrog to another software to create the block model. Since we started using Leapfrog Edge we now create the block model in Leapfrog and code it with geological models and calculations. Then we run Variable Orientation in Leapfrog Edge, combine the results and export only the block model to another software to conduct grade estimation. Using Leapfrog Edge for that part of the process has saved us a lot of processing time, as well as hassle in not having to export output volumes or surfaces. Depending on the complexity and size of the model it can save us anything from one to ten hours a block model.”

Short term modelling for underground mining

Christian Kagarabi, Geology Unit Manager, Kinsenda Copper Company, Metorex, DRC & South Africa
“I use Edge for geostatistics to determine estimation parameters and for estimation of grade in the block model. I like Edge because it is easy to learn and use. I like the visualisation tools and the interactive functionality. I particularly like the link between the setting and visualisation of the variogram orientation in the 3D scene, with the radial map and the variogram fitting. Leapfrog Edge has a dynamic workflow that is very wonderful and fantastic.”

Modelling geotechnical parameters

Camila Soto, Geomechanical Geologist Consultant, Itasca International, Chile
“Leapfrog Edge allows the construction of models from the interpolation of both numerical geotechnical measurements (e.g. GSI, RMR, UCS, FF or RQD) and categorical data (e.g. joint condition). Interpolation can be made from either drillholes or surface observations, and it is possible to add structural trends to guide the results. Using the “calculations and filters” tool, block level calculations can be made, for example calculation of  GSI (Hoek 2013) based on estimates of joint condition and RQD. Models can be quickly updated by adding new information or filtering low confidence information.”

Early stage resource evaluation, scoping and due diligence

Benn Whistler, Technical Services Manager, SolGold PLC, Brisbane, Australia
"The integration of Leapfrog Edge estimation software with Leapfrog Geo has allowed close to full automation of the company's internal resource estimation checks. Geologists are able to simply publish the final Leapfrog Geo model to Central then open the automated estimation model and just right click on all the domain shells to upload the latest geology model from that branch.  This will automatically run a live resource estimate for us.  The only quality control required thereafter is to review the variography to ensure a quality outcome. 
In a nutshell, Leapfrog Edge gives us the power to run our own internal resource estimates which empowers us to be able to internally audit the work performed by independent consultants and make sure they are being realistic. It also gives us the advantage of having a good idea of the potential outcomes of a given resource estimate which in turn helps the Company gauge appropriate expectations.”

Adrian Hell, Exploration Manager Queensland, Alice Queen Limited, Melbourne, Australia
“I work in exploration and pre-feasibility so when I heard about Leapfrog Edge I thought the concept was excellent. I found it very intuitive and user friendly and the way it works is a big selling point as I can use it for early stage resource evaluation and comparison to formal resource estimates. I can run multiple resource estimates and test out ideas and can also update models easily from our drilling projects in real time and space.”

Estimating potash brine resources

Adam Lloyd, Principal Hydrogeologist, Advisian Australia 
“The ease of use and Edge’s data presentation functions have allowed me to learn the skills needed to develop and communicate the resource estimate with relative ease. Without Leapfrog Edge I would have had to invest significantly in the cost and time of learning other software. I’d also have to complete extra exports and imports of model layers and data to go between Leapfrog Geo and another piece of software, as opposed to seamlessly using Leapfrog Edge within Geo.” Read the case study.