Hydrogeology module

The Hydrogeology module gives Leapfrog Geo functionality to interoperate with MODFLOW and FEFLOW. This makes it easy to use lithology models as the basis for flow models and visualising modelling results. The Hydrogeology module reduces risk and delivers efficiency gains.

Product Feature

  • The Hydrogeology module allows you to:

    • Import a screens table when importing drillhole data
    • Create MODFLOW and FEFLOW grids/meshes based on Leapfrog implicit geological models
    • Import MODFLOW grids
    • Import 2D and 3D FEFLOW meshes
    • Visualise MODFLOW and FEFLOW grids in Leapfrog Geo's 3D scene
    • Assign properties to MODFLOW and FEFLOW grids from geological and numeric models
    • Export MODFLOW and FEFLOW grids, including hydrogeologic parameters
    • Import and visualise simulation results from MODFLOW and FEFLOW
    • Share MODFLOW and FEFLOW models in Leapfrog  Viewer files for visualisation in the free Leapfrog Viewer

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