ioGAS Link

The ioGAS Link is a real-time link between Leapfrog Geo and REFLEX ioGAS that helps you make the most of the range of geochemical data collected during exploration, mine development and mine operation.

ioGAS Link allows you to:

  • Send Leapfrog Geo interval and point data to REFLEX ioGAS
  • Analyse data and assign attributes in REFLEX ioGAS
  • Visualise geochemical data in Leapfrog Geo’s 3D scene over the live link
  • Import REFLEX ioGAS data into Leapfrog Geo as points or intervals
  • Build geological models and interpolants from geochemical data


  • Live link to REFLEX ioGAS

    Real-time communication

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  • 3D visualisation

    Powerful 3D viewing capabilities

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  • Model with geochemical data

    Build domain models and interpolants

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REFLEX ioGAS analysis of assay data

Create a geological model incorporating REFLEX ioGAS analysis of assay data.

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