Live link to ioGAS

The ioGAS Link brings Leapfrog Geo’s powerful visualisation and modelling capabilities together with ioGAS’s geochemical data analysis capabilities, providing freedom to readily analyse your geochemical data, build complex models from it and minimise risk.

  • Live link to ioGAS

    Real-time communication

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  • 3D visualisation

    Powerful 3D viewing capabilities

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  • Model with geochemical data

    Build domain models and interpolants

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3D Visualisation


  • Leapfrog Geo’s powerful 3D viewing capabilities can be harnessed in displaying and analysing geochemical data in ioGAS.

    • Display ioGAS data in Leapfrog Geo’s 3D scene
    • Analyse data and assign attributes in ioGAS
    • See changes over the live link in Leapfrog Geo’s 3D scene

Model with geochemical data

  • Send analysed and attributed geochemical data to Leapfrog Geo and use it to build models.

    • Send data to Leapfrog as points or intervals
    • Create filters in ioGAS for use in building a model in Leapfrog Geo
    • Create domain models and interpolants from geochemical data

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