iPoint is a complete Geothermal data management and visualisation software solution. It allows you to access, standardise, visualise and use all your geothermal data in a single environment.

iPoint allows you to:

    • Have confidence all your geothermal data is safe and secure in one place.
    • Have more trust in the data you have. Thanks to the rigorous standardisation and QC tools within the software, you have a clear audit trail of where your data came from and how it is being used.
    • Visualise your geothermal data in an interactive and configurable view. It doesn’t matter what format your data is in, iPoint will integrate it for you.
    • Save time and money. Remove silos and reach your data in seconds, not days and leverage the value from the data collected through expensive exploration programmes.


  • Access

    Bring all your data into one place for easy access

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  • Standardise

    Be confident you can trust your data is consistent across your organisation

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  • Visualise

    Visualise geothermal datasets including geology, logs and more

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  • Manage

    Make the most of all your legacy and current data

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Geothermal organisations around the world are already leveraging the value of iPoint including:

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