With iPoint, you can access, standardise, visualise and use all of your geothermal data in a single environment.

  • Access

    Bring all your data into one place for easy access

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  • Standardise

    Be confident you can trust your data is consistent across your organisation

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  • Visualise

    Visualise geothermal datasets including geology, logs and more

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  • Manage

    Make the most of all your legacy and current data

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  • iPoint brings all your data into a single environment, no matter where it has come from. Its revolutionary Generic Query Language (GQL) can connect to virtually any database, allowing data from multiple sources to be interrogated.

    iPoint’s tool, iMine, has fully customisable and intuitive displays, allowing data trees, lists, matrices, maps and charts to be constructed bringing complete understanding to your data.

    Quickly create high-level overviews and plots of your data coverage to identify trends within the data.

    Identify gaps, data quality, assign statuses and intelligently batch export your data and images in a range of industry standard formats.

    iPoint’s automated loading can handle large amounts of legacy data and can load in digital data, documents and images.


  • Rename data and images right down to curve and unit level. With features allowing unit calculations and batch renaming you can maintain a final set of standards and naming conventions that remain consistent throughout your organisation. Similarly, our in-built QC functions make identification and correction of rogue data a breeze.  Any of your geothermal data can be pulled through and QC’d including geochemistry data, well logs, lithology, PTS, image logs, production data, geophysics data and drilling data.


  • iPoint’s visualisation suite enables multi-scale and multi-well visualisations, enabling users to build up a holistic view of the reservoir. Displaying depth registered core and log images alongside digital data, rasters, embedded cross plots and ternary diagrams users gain a new understanding of the data they have. Currently in development are: time-series curve analysis and time-series X-Y plots to help geothermal specialists correlate flow performances with reservoir conditions and fluid chemistry.


  • A comprehensive Admin toolkit provides everything you need to manage, load and administrate a true enterprise solution for your geothermal data. Load, QC and standardise data so it adheres to your own business rules. Create templates for batch loading, depth register images and control metadata and naming conventions. Allow for the creation and control of projects and wells, while implementing security at both of these levels to provide complete piece of mind.

    iPoint works on an SQL or Oracle Server. Contact us today for more information about how iPoint can be installed in your environment.

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