Leapfrog Hydro

Leapfrog Hydro has intuitive workflows built for hydrogeologists and are easy to learn. Tools for sorting and segmenting different rock types make it possible to model rock types in different ways. Models can be built quickly and copied, making it possible to explore multiple hypotheses. Tools for communicating knowledge to others helps stakeholders understand how the model was built, even when they don’t have a background in geology or groundwater management.

  • Leapfrog engine

    Advanced implicit modelling engine

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  • Lithological modelling

    Rapidly build complex geological models

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  • Flow modelling

    Import, create and export MODFLOW and FEFLOW models

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  • Numeric modelling

    Predict values in space from measured data

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  • Visualisation

    Simple, intuitive tools for working with your data

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  • Interoperability

    Industry standard import/export formats

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  • Sharing

    A 3D picture is worth a million words

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  • Flexible licensing

    Licensing options to fit your organisation

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Leapfrog engine

  • Bypass wireframing to build models directly from the data. Leapfrog Hydro’s powerful implicit modelling engine and unrivalled processing power builds models from a lot of data or just a little.

    Copying models is fast, making it easy to build multiple models from the same data.

    Appending and reloading boreholes automatically updates dependent models, making it easy to keep multiple models true to established parameters.

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Lithological modelling

  • With Leapfrog Hydro, you can rapidly build complex geological models from boreholes, points, polylines and meshes in the project.

    • Define a surface chronology to determine the order of layers
    • Model planar and volumetric surfaces and stratigraphic sequences
    • Define the model boundary from geographical features
    • Dynamically update models when the base data is updated
flow modelling

Flow modelling

  • Easily build MODFLOW and FEFLOW models from lithology models and keep them up-to-date.

    • Create flow models in Leapfrog Hydro’s 3D scene
    • Import MODFLOW models
    • Import 2D and 3D FEFLOW models
    • Assign properties to blocks from geological and numeric models
    • Export MODFLOW models to Groundwater Vistas
    • Export 3D FEFLOW grids

Numeric modelling

  • Leapfrog Hydro’s powerful interpolation engine lets you easily build interpolants from boreholes and points.

    • Quickly visualise isosurfaces for rapid geological insight
    • Incorporate simple anisotropies
    • Export interpolant volumes, isosurfaces and midpoints
    • Assign properties to MODFLOW and FEFLOW grids
3D Visualisation


  • Intuitive visualisation tools aid in analysing your data and looking for correlations and patterns. See a model from any angle, find trends and detect errors.

    • Visualise data in Leapfrog’s 3D scene
    • Build a scene using multiple models to visualise relationships
    • Change how objects are displayed to analyse and emphasise important information
    • Cut slices and change object transparency to see inside the model


Leapfrog Hydro is committed to not being the roadblock in the business of geological modelling. Leapfrog Hydro imports and exports points, polylines, meshes and flow models in multiple industry-standard formats and can readily fit into established processes.

Leapfrog partners with other leading companies to ensure we are providing the best end-to-end solution.


Leapfrog Hydro users can share their work with anyone in the organisation using cross sections, renders, scenes and movies. Staff outside the modelling team can see the model in 3D with scenes and movies or in 2D with sections and renders.

  • Set up and save 3D scenes that illustrate important aspects of the model
  • Annotate scenes to add further information
  • Render scenes for use in reports
  • Export a series of scenes as a scene file that can be displayed in the free Leapfrog Viewer
  • Use scenes to create and export a movie
  • Easily define cross sections, serial sections and fence sections in the 3D scene
  • Display multiple models on sections
  • Organise, annotate and export cross sections using the powerful section editor

Flexible licensing

Select from our flexible licensing options to suit the way your organisation works, ranging from dedicated licences for continuous use to Consultants OnDemand licensing for periodic use.

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