Leapfrog Works

Leapfrog Works is specifically designed to support you creating geological models that work alongside your engineering designs or flow models. Leapfrog Works enables better decision-making, which reduces project risk, keeping projects on time and on budget.

  • Dynamic 3D modelling

    3D geological models dynamically update when new data is loaded

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  • Ground type classification

    Rapidly integrate numeric data with geology to deliver 3D models

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  • Interoperability

    Support of industry standard formats from ground investigations to BIM

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  • Share and collaborate

    Visually share your geological models to collaborate with stakeholders

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  • Engineering designs

    Connecting the geology with engineering designs

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  • Environmental insights

    Link groundwater models to geological models for rapid insight

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  • Generate cross-sections

    Dynamically generate cross sections anywhere you need them

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  • Flexible subscriptions

    Subscription options to fit your organisation

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Dynamic 3D modelling

  • Build models directly from the data, bypassing wireframing. Leapfrog Works’ powerful implicit modelling engine and unrivalled processing power can use millions of points.

    • Easily copy models to build multiple models and explore multiple hypotheses
    • Update models dynamically with new information. Add new borehole data and models automatically update, while parameters hold true
    • Create static models to preserve for comparison and reference

    Leapfrog’s Fast RBF™ is a fast form of Radial Base Functions (RBFs) that dramatically speeds up interpolation

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Ground type classification

  • With Leapfrog Works you can rapidly build 3D geological and numeric models from a wide variety of data sources while applying intuitive geological methodology.

    Geological modelling

    • Model geology from borehole, structural, GIS, 2D grid, map, point, polyline, mesh/surface and historical cross section data
    • Apply deposition, intrusion, erosion, stratigraphic sequence, vein, vein system, and fault modelling methods
    • Perform Structural modelling with form interpolants, stereonets and structural trends

    Numeric modelling

    • Interpolate numeric values from boreholes, geotechnical investigations, well screens or points
    • Employ Spheroidal and linear variance controls
    • Apply anisotrophic trends
    • Create distance buffers
    • Use borehole planning to target areas where more site investigations are needed.

Share and collaborate

  • Share cross sections, images, scenes and movies in 3D and 2D for rapid communication with stakeholders.

    • Set up and save 3D scenes that illustrate important aspects
    • Annotate scenes to improve understanding and aid governance
    • Organise, annotate and export cross sections using the powerful section editor
    • Render images for use in reports and presentations
    • Create compelling movies up to HD
    • Easily define cross sections, serial sections and fence sections in the 3D scene
    • Export to IFC and DWG means you can share your model directly into the BIM environment
    • Use free viewing tools to share with clients, partners, contractors and other stakeholders who don’t have Leapfrog Works.
      • View – Share key project scenes via a web browser. No need to install software or pass large files around.
      • Viewer – provide full visualisation capabilities.


Leapfrog Works breaks down barriers to interoperability with geotechnical and geoenvironmental data in globally recognised, industry-standard formats, while advancing workflows with leading industry solutions.

  • Connect directly to Bentley gINT projects
  • Easily import Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental (AGS) data
  • Export cross sections, model sections or surfaces for geotechnical packages such as Rocscience and Geoslope
  • Include GIS data from ESRI geodatabases and shapefiles, Map Info or raster images and maps
  • Easily export your ground model in industry recognised BIM formats – DWG, DGN and IFC – to publish directly into the BIM environment.

Engineering Designs

  • Rapidly visualise and understand detailed Tunnel, motorway earthworks, bridge, dam and building foundation designs in the context of the ground model.

    • Integrate Drawing eXchange Format (DXF), Civil3D and AutoCAD Drawing (DWG) formats from Autodesk
    • Build surface topography from aerial or terrestrial point clouds or meshes
    • Calculate excavation volumes for different ground types by intersecting the Design with the subsurface model
    • Inform Design requirements with knowledge of the ground conditions
    • Create longitudinal sections and cross sections relative to alignments

Environmental insight

Rapidly assess contaminant plumes or saltwater intrusion through the building of groundwater models, by combining geological models and water sample screens or geophysical data.

  • Model directly from screens in AGS or gINT projects
  • Visualise plumes or saltwater wedge intrusion in 3D
  • Combine with flow models using the optional Hydrogeology solution kit
3D Visualisation

Generate cross-sections

  • Visualise a model from any angle, turn, rotate and rapidly detect errors. Intuitive tools advance data analysis and recognition of correlations and trends.

    • Rapidly visualise data in the 3D scene
    • Easily visualise structural data with the 2D or 3D stereonet tool, or in the 3D scene
    • Build a scene using multiple models to visualise and comprehend key relationships
    • Change how objects are displayed to analyse and emphasise key information
    • Cut slices and change object transparency to see inside the model
    • Manipulate in 3D, control layers, slice through and rotate, view sections in scene and add detail such as draped GIS data
    • Visualise your engineering designs, including roads, tunnels, dams and building foundations, in the context of the ground model
    • Cut cross sections on demand from anywhere in the 3D model and layout, directly in Leapfrog Works to meet your project deliverables

Flexible subscriptions

Our subscription options are flexible and scalable to fit your needs, providing easy access and reducing costs. All options include:

  • Flexible software deployment
  • The ability to review your usage online at any time
  • Reference codes for tracking usage by project, client or other cost centre
  • Ability to reduce risk while building capacity by combining different pricing options

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