Leapfrog Works 2.1 is out now, and integrates key functionality and features suggested by current users.

We understand the importance of smoother workflows with BIM and CAD, so Leapfrog Works 2.1 adds IFC support and better DWG integration. With easier design and geology interaction, further My Leapfrog integration and more cross section, visualisation and collaboration tools, Works 2.1 continues our major development programme to provide a subsurface solution specifically for the Civil Engineering and Environmental industries.


  • Works 2.1 integrates with key Civil Engineering processes to smooth workflows with Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects for better communication and stakeholder understanding of how the ground conditions will impact the project.

    New functionality:

    • Model Export to Industry Foundation Class (IFC) format – share full geological insight directly to the project BIM environment.
    • Model Export to Autodesk Drawing (DWG) format – export models into Autodesk BIM environments such as Navisworks or BIM 360.
    • Track object history – audit and verify model provenance before publishing to BIM.
    • Central publishing improvements – best practice single source of truth and key platform for BIM integration.


  • Easier management of designs for better interaction of designs with geology.

    New functionality:

    • Design reloading for easy update of new versions as changes are made by design engineers.
    • Design moving - shift part or all of the design in 3D space to adjust to local coordinate differences or to analyse alternate locations.
    • Autodesk drawing (DWG) export for points, lines, meshes and cross sections for interoperability with CAD and Geotech software.
    • Mesh repair - Remove self-intersections for detailed analysis like cut and fill volume reports.


  • Improvements to My Leapfrog for a much more personalised and accessible experience.

    New functionality:

    • Integrated demonstration projects – discover key concepts and link to a world of help and training resources.
    • Usage policy & reference codes – suspension when idle to avoid unintentional charges, set lists of allowable codes and policy to prompt for codes.
    • Single sign-on combines Works login with View – log in just once to access both services.
    • Monitor – view usage any time for valuable insight.


  • Complete your cross section layouts in Leapfrog where they are dynamically linked to your model, and spend less time in manually recreating cross sections and layouts in other drawing packages.

    New functionality:

    • Borehole hatching – select from industry standard hatch patterns to simply deliver cross sections to the standard your clients expect.
    • Label arrangement – drag your collar labels to suit your presentation needs.
    • Line evaluations – show pierce points of GIS lines or engineering design lines that intersect your cross sections.


  • Understand your data with new statistics and visualise numeric data and planned boreholes with greater ease.

    New functionality:

    • Structural data analysis – use Bingham statistics in stereonets uncover to non-directional trends in highly folded geology.
    • Statistics tables for analysis of numeric data with option to weight results by interval length.
    • Accentuate trends by scaling the radius of downhole intervals by a numeric column in your database, for clear visualisation of downhole numeric distributions.
    • Planned borehole groups for management and evaluation of ground investigation campaigns.

Download Leapfrog Works 2.1 now to get this functionality