• Corporate OnDemand

    For sharing Leapfrog between many users

    A cloud based system where a group of registered users can check out a licence from a pre-purchased pool. The pool of licences is renewed yearly.

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    Consultants OnDemand

    For project based Leapfrog use

    A cloud based system where a Consultant can simply rent a Leapfrog licence when it’s needed for a project, starting from just one day. Usage is invoiced at the end of each month.

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  • Individual licensing

    For dedicated Leapfrog users

    One licence is assigned per user to ensure Leapfrog is on hand whenever it's needed.
    Licence duration can be a month, yearly or perpetual.

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    Pay & Go Daily Licensing

    For quick start Leapfrog access

    A cloud based system, accessed through My Leapfrog, where a user can simply buy a Leapfrog licence whenever it’s needed, starting from just one day. The licence is paid for online using a credit card.

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