October 2019 product upgrades

New product upgrades for:

Geo 5.0 Edge 3.0 Works 3.0 Geothermal 4.0

Highlights include Freeze/Unfreeze feature which makes Leapfrog’s unique dynamic modelling even more flexible. Improved alignment functionality, Directional Well Planner and iPoint Link.
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Leapfrog Geo 5.0

Leapfrog Geo 5.0 brings enhancements to our unique market leading dynamic modelling with freeze/unfreeze, allowing you to decide when any object inside the project tree is processed, from the model to domain estimators, the block model or any component part. Whilst performance enhancers simplify and increase your modelling option.

  • Freeze/Unfreeze

    Freeze/unfreeze – stop automatic reprocessing A key benefit of Leapfrog is it’s unique dynamic updating: data inputs, geological interpretation and outputs are all linked so that when new data is available or if an interpretation changes the model reprocesses. However, for more complex models this processing can slow down model refinement.

    Freeze/Unfreeze objects at any point in the project tree. Use freezing of downstream objects to make high level changes in your project without needing to wait for processing to run. Check the impact of new data on decisions, make any required edits, then unfreeze and update when you’re ready. Apply to numerous Leapfrog workflows, such as reloading and appending data, making interval selections, editing geological interpretations.

  • Colour Map Improvements

    More advanced curve-point control for continuous Colourmaps. Control colour mapping and enhance visualisation with easy generation of colour maps from numeric data using new statistical transforms.

  • Interoperability

    Imago Core Imagery Integration. Integrate imago core imagery with a new direct connection for faster and more seamless access.

  • Geosoft 2D Grids Support

    Import Geosoft 2D grids (maps and sections).

    Geophysics folder

    Organise geophysical data in the new Geophysics folder for logical grouping and storage.

    Import meshes and lines in DGN + DWG format

    Import meshes and lines of mining infrastructure designs in DGN & DWG formats.

  • Modelling Improvements

    2D mesh merging

    Merge topography surfaces seamlessly.

    Simplify polyline

    Simplify polylines by reducing nodes.

    2D Interpolant Mesh

    Interpolate 2D height surfaces from any set of point data, with the powerful 2D RBF interpolant algorithm.

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Leapfrog Edge 3.0

Leapfrog Edge continues to strengthen its position as a highly visual and intuitive solution for today’s resource estimation challenges. This release delivers further enhancements to help you quickly produce high quality resource estimates.

  • Transform Variography

      Improve the definition of difficult variograms with Transform Variography.

  • Evaluate estimators on Sub Block Model centroids

      Evaluate estimators on sub block centroids while retaining parent block support.

  • Freeze/unfreeze – stop automatic reprocessing

      Freeze the processing of your block model while incorporating new data, then unfreeze the block model once you’re happy and let it run.

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Seequent Central 3.0 coming soon

Central 3.0 will be released in the coming months but you can upgrade now to Leapfrog Geo 5.0 and take advantage of the latest Leapfrog features while still using Central 2.2.

Seequent ID

From October 2019, we’ll be introducing Seequent ID, a simple and secure single sign in and the MySeequent user portal, the gateway to an integrated and connected environment. Our teams will be in touch about the transition to Seequent ID-based access to Leapfrog products as you renew in 2020. For more information visit Seequent.com.

Leapfrog Works 3.0

Leapfrog Works 3.0 is here to help increase your productivity and enable smoother more seamless workflows! Building upon past releases, 3.0 introduces improved alignment functionality allowing you to easily work on linear projects and visualise your geology relative to the alignment. You can also expect new data format support and interoperability features with other industry software.

  • Alignment Functionality

    • New set of alignment objects supporting:
      • 2D and 3D visualisation
      • Flexible display of chainage
      • Multiple Z profiles
  • Improved Productivity

    • Polyline simplification
    • Expanded 2D mesh merging
    • New 2D interpolant meshes
    • Freeze objects tool
    • Colourmap improvements
  • Software Interoperability

    • Import Microstation design files
    • Bring in your Geophysics data
    • Expanded core imagery support
    • IFC export improvements
    • Cross section export for 2D Geotechnical Engineering analysis

For more information about Leapfrog Works 3.0 visit MySeequent

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Leapfrog Geothermal 4.0

Drilling can often be the most expensive part of a Geothermal project so successful well planning is crucial. This release introduces a new directional well planning tool that enables you to define, visualise and export a planned well trajectory consisting of multiple build and/or hold sections. For existing well data, this release includes the ability to link directly to your iPoint well database to select and import well locations, surveys, interval, point and structural data. Also included in this release are usability enhancements such as the introduction of processing freeze/unfreeze and colourmap improvements.

  • Directional Well Planner

    • This release introduces a directional well planning tool that supports:
      • Multiple section types including; Hold, Build (to a target end of section), Build to inclination, Build to length, Build and hold, Hold and drop
      • Model evaluations and visualisation
      • Drilling prognoses table
      • Export to; Drilling plan, Interval table (csv), Points (csv)
      • Import drilling plan (csv)
      • Copy planned well
  • iPoint Link

      You can now directly access your iPoint well database from Leapfrog Geothermal. Link your geological modelling and data management with ease.

  • Processing Freeze and Unfreeze

      You can now selectively freeze objects in your project, so they do not reprocess automatically. For example, freezing a geological model will allow changes to the drill hole database to be made without triggering reprocessing of the geological model. This means that things like interval selections can be refined, without having to endure CPU intensive operations.

  • Colourmap Improvements

      Let your data tell the story with our improved colourmap interface. Users can now use statistical transforms to stretch the colours in a continuous colourmap across the range of values in the data. Existing colourmaps can now be edited/deleted from the right click menu, and new colour maps created. Creating a new colourmap now prompts the user to choose between creating a continuous or discrete colourmap. The “Generate Curve” button allows the user to change the curve mode and number of lines segments used to discretise the curve and map the chosen colour gradient to the data distribution.

For more information abdout Leapfrog Geothermal 4.0 visit MySeequent

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