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There are thousands of Leapfrog users all around the world. If you are having problems with your graphics card or wondering if you are doing something the 'long way', it’s likely you aren’t alone.

Online Help

All Leapfrog products have complete and detailed Leapfrog Online Help. Navigate the help files using the search bar and you will find detailed step by step instructions, screen shots and videos to assist you.

Access Leapfrog Online Help through any Leapfrog product (press F1) or sign in to My Seequent.


Follow the Seequent blog for release updates, hints and tips. Contributors include our talented developers, researchers, geologists who travel the world training users, and our passionate users.

Search for archived articles through the blog or Leapfrog Online Help.

One on one support

Our Seequent support teams are experienced geologists and Leapfrog experts.

Call your local support team if your query is urgent. Otherwise, send us an email and we will be in contact within 24 hours.