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Leapfrog Start is with you all the way through this process. As you run ‘Start’ it instantly reports back on your connectivity to integrated Leapfrog web based applications, if license information can be requested and received and what action you may need to take to remedy any issues – from either an IT or operational perspective.

  • Check connectivity endpoints between Leapfrog services and your network
  • Leapfrog Start runs within a minute and reports back on the progress
  • Pinpoints any action you may need to take and directs you to appropriate help


Leapfrog Start is designed to ensure you have a seamless experience with Leapfrog Software and it’s associated web services such as licensing, reporting and API connections.

  • Tests access to Leapfrog web services from within your current web environment
  • Creates a report of any issues for review by your Network Administrator or your local Leapfrog team

Click here to learn more on understanding your Leapfrog web services report

  • Webpages

    • Redirect
    • Online help
  • Licensing

    • Fixed dongle
    • Activation Code
    • On Demand
    • My Leapfrog ID
  • Reporting

    • Licenced items
    • Reference codes
    • Email report
    • System report
    • Time
  • Products

    • Access to View
    • Access to Central
    • Central hosted server

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