Central Fundamentals

This class teaches new users of Central how to create a continuous version history & reliable audit trail, enhance collaboration amongst team members, and implement efficient workflows between Central and Leapfrog Geo.

Who is it suitable for?
  • Existing users of Leapfrog Geo who would like a solid understanding of the basics of Central before getting started
  • Current users who would like to use Central  more often, but feel they need a better understanding of what the system can do for them
  • Those who are interested in Central and would like to try before they buy
What will the course cover?
  • The use of the Admin Portal, the Central Browser and the Central functionality in Leapfrog Geo
  • How to effectively collaborate amongst team members using the Central Browser
  • How to create a workflows that increases modelling productive
  • How to connect to the IMDEXHUB-IQ
What take-aways will I get from the course?
  • Comprehensive session notes
  • Common workflow 'cheat sheets'
  • Certificate of completion
What should I bring?
  • Your trainer will contact you with instructions to access and download a Central licence for the duration of your training
  • A Laptop, mouse and charger
  • Coffee and snacks will be provided