Event Name Leapfrog Edge Fundamentals Vancouver BC Canada
Start Date 23 Jan 2020 8:30 AM
End Date 24 Jan 2020 4:30 PM
Duration 1 day and 8 hours

Want to maximise your operational efficiency and reduce your risk by trying resource estimation the Leapfrog way? Join us in this 2-day course to learn the fundamental concepts and tools necessary to get you going, including numeric data analysis, defining a domain, variography, variable orientation, producing robust estimates, an optional KNA (kriging neighbourhood analysis) workflow, calculations, filters, validating and reporting, the Leapfrog way. This course also includes data and model management and collaboration with Central, and model sharing and communication with View. ​

Prerequisite: Leapfrog Geo Fundamentals (or sufficient working knowledge of Leapfrog Geo AND Resource Estimation experience (this course does not cover geostatistical or estimation concepts)