Event Name Realistic 3-D structural modelling SRK Consulting and Seequent Tucson USA
Start Date 3rd Apr 2019 8:30am
End Date 4th Apr 2019 4:30pm
Duration 1 day and 8 hours

Structural geology sets the ground rules for realistic patterns and continuity in geological models; resource and engineering decisions based on 3D models which accurately portray these properties form a significantly more robust foundation for developing mining and exploration projects.

This course provides education on the principals of structural geology and introduces practical modelling workflows to identify and represent structures as 3-D models in Leapfrog Geo. The course will focus on fault and fold system geometries, with numerous real-life examples of data gathered from the field and drilling presented to demonstrate structural geology principles and concepts. These are then explored further using hands-on exercises to illustrate realistic workflows to interrogate your data, identify patterns, and model structures as part of a 3D geological model.  Many of the workflows demonstrated are advanced, and designed to represent levels of complexity which are often challenging for users to capture and represent in their own work.


Leapfrog Geo Fundamentals course or sufficient working knowledge of Leapfrog Geo.